Clan Areas

Makurth Mandalore

08-07-2007 05:56:11

Just me be a whiney member at the moment......

Anyway, I've noticed that there are certain areas on the boards that are password protected (and for good reasons) but that the individual Clan areas are not. I think that it's an unspoken rule (some enforce it more than others) that members from a different Clan are not "supposed" to post in.

Which got me to thinking. If Clan members don't want rival Clan members posting, reading, or otherwise interfering with stuff in their forums, why not make it password protected like some of the other parts?

Just some thoughts from a half-asleep Knight.

I'll probably get blasted for this later, but it never hurts to bring up topics, no matter how worthless they seem.....


08-07-2007 08:12:33

And what the clans protect in their ubersecret forums? =)


08-07-2007 10:24:17

There is no such "unspoken" rule. I mean, if there's a competition being run on a certain topic, that's one thing. But otherwise, most things are "open". Password protecting things is an unnecessary hassle when you have new members perhaps looking around. Certain forums are pass-word protected either for competition reasons (ie: GJW and RoS) or for a more work-related development. And any Clan that "bans" people from posting on their forum for regular topics, if that person isn't spamming/being annoying, should probably be smacked themselves.

Makurth Mandalore

08-07-2007 20:50:15

Ah, OK, it must have been me then. For some reason I noticed that members of different Clans hardly ever post in other Clan forums (I don't mean for competitons and stuff like that) and I was assuming that there was some sort of "taboo" against it.

As you pointed out Halc, I could see the hassle of having to password protect things, and that you are right about smacking overbearing mods or anyone else like that :D