Trial By Combat


05-07-2007 09:18:45

Was reading the link below over lunch on trial by combat, which as it sounds is a method of determining guilt by th victory or defeat in personal combat.

In the DB if a system were implemented where the accused and accusor (either a member or the JST/HoJ) would battle it out in either gaming such as JO/JA or ACC to determine the verdict. Obviously a suitable platform for the accused and a suitable skilled challenger would need to be decided in some cases.

In my mind this would achieve a number of benefits.

1. Speed up the Judicial process, possibly to a couple of hours or days in the case of ACC if you set post time limits.

2. Allow for a vast simplification of the Dark Covenant.

3. Produce a result that is clearly open and indisputable.

4. Boost gaming and ACC paticipation DB wide as people are encouraged by this to improve their skills in case of accusation.

5. Provide a public spectacle and a more light hearted approach to DB Justice.

Obviously it would need a bit of thought to set the parameters but what do people think of it initially?


05-07-2007 09:39:02

so if you lose you are banned, if you win you can stay?

I hope you are joking =)

I mean how come the word "Justice" comes into this? =)

edit: sorry missed a smiley :)


05-07-2007 11:49:09


I don't think hand-eye coordination and fast internet connections have anything to do with a CoJ case. :)

Adien Falaut

05-07-2007 12:16:11

That does hint to forgo the entire concept of a trail by ones peers in the worlds RL past measures like this that suggest one being the judge,jury, and executioner do not work and only open up for abuse of that power.

Makurth Mandalore

07-07-2007 02:54:12

I agree with the abuse of power Melkor, but I don't think that it would be fair for a member to be allowed to stay or be banned in a online match, ACC or otherwise.

Take into perspective: How would you like it if a person who should honestly be given the boot to the rear was able to stay time and again (and thus hurting the DB if in a leadership position) simply because they were good at a ACC match or PvP match.

On the flip side, how would a member who is horrible at both writing and gaming like to be banned by losing a match? Not at all, I assure you. Personally, I'd rather take my chances with the Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Adien Falaut

07-07-2007 13:58:35

The way I understood Malisane's post was that the trail by combat be used in place of the trail by peers that we and most all other judical systems use, and that isn't fair by any means to all members because your right not everyone is good at MP gaming or writing in the ACC "myself included in that end." But anyway my point was that it would open up the door for a gulity member that is excellent in gaming to walk away from justice just because they have the skill to cheat the trail and get away with their crime. But with the weighing of evidence and deliberating from there would give all members the equal chance of proving or disproving their guilt or innocence.


07-07-2007 14:48:07

No offense to anyone...but the idea more or less sounds like a joke? The "judicial" process as it stands now makes perfect sense. I don't know what gaming/any other activity has to do with it. "DB Justice" isn't light-hearted. That's kind've the point. If things have gotten to the point where there's a big trial and all that, it isn't "fun" for anyone involved. But it's a necessary evil. In all honesty, it doesn't happen all that often, nor does it take an overly long time.

Sith Bloodfyre

07-07-2007 17:38:19

Actually, the only way I'd even think this has any place in the DB is if Kir fictionalized every Trial, and even made up some junk with NPCs and such to make the CoJ a more active body.

Since I can't see that happening, I don't see this happening.