Tarax Kor

03-03-2005 11:53:34

I came across this while browsing the FES forums. It's... appauling, to say the least.

Take a look.


Paranoia at an all-time high.

Requite deSaiah

04-03-2005 20:14:53

Glad I'm not in Kentucky. I'd be in jail......

Kaine Mandaala

04-03-2005 21:07:13

Christ - if I was still in high school I'd easily be locked away in a federal prison.

This [Expletive Deleted] has really gone way too far. If they continue down the path they are walking on, soon they'll take Shakespeare's works out of schools for being too violent.

Just plain retarded.


04-03-2005 21:40:40

Wow...that's just...wow

How do these idiots even live being this stupid? Really?


04-03-2005 21:58:40

lol arrested for a paper about zombies over running a high school...lol


05-03-2005 06:35:51

That's totally insane, how can anyone overreact so badly to a damn story about zombies?

Tarax Kor

05-03-2005 11:18:23

Because they're all redneck idiots who deserve to be shot and forbidden from breeding.

Dark Sabre

05-03-2005 14:43:01

Wow... this is retarded.

Nekura Manji

06-03-2005 04:57:55

What the [Expletive Deleted F-word]? They arrested a kid for writing a short story about zombies taking over a high school?? What about [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing Resident Evil, are they going to ban that now?

[Expletive Deleted]... America really needs a smack around the head. With a nuclear missile. Your country has gone so far downhill it's rolling in the magma of hell.

Macron Sadow

06-03-2005 19:03:04

You are very right Master. I live in the US and the idiots abound. And they vote because of ignorance and fear.
I also agree with Tarax, but swords work better. Bullets are expensive, and you don't need to reload a sword...


06-03-2005 20:08:04

A lot of schools have the "zero tolerance" policy which says no weapons on campuses. At least, that's how things work here in Georgia. However, very often, people go crazy about things that aren't all that bad.

For example, there was a high school baseball player who had a small trophy bat in the back of his truck. It was in his truck, not in his hands or anything. He got suspended for it. First off this is a baseball player, so he has full sized metal baseball bats with him anyway.

Also, as Neal Boortz pointed out, everyone with a car has a potentially deadly weapon with them. It is called a tire iron.

Oh, and Macron, first off, there's a general (unwritten) rule to keep politics out of the DB (MBs, IRC, etc). Its just to keep things civil.

But in general, American voters are lazy and 98-99% of them vote out of ignorance and fear (fear of losing social security, fear of terrorism, fear of the bozo down the street, whatever). So, just because people vote for one candidate or another doesn't mean they are the only idiots. Here's something that is idiotic: blindly following a party based solely on its name.

But, I sidetracked. Intelligent enforcement of zero tolerance on school campus = good idea. Zero tolerance going to the extreme, including someone's personal writings = bad.

Macron Sadow

06-03-2005 23:14:29



07-03-2005 19:12:59

Fear works best to get votes that is why candidates always scare you about the other candidate. It works since peoplea re spineless sheep these days. They are too disconnected with the things happening past their 10ft bubble.


08-03-2005 00:14:46


No problem, Macron. As I said, its really just to help keep things civil more than anything else.

With such a wide range of people and a wide range of political views, someone would end up getting pissed, which leads to a lot of pointless tension and ruins the atmosphere of the club (now, some have debated before, but its rare from what I've seen) And, of course, you have people who can't debate at all and just launch ad hominem attacks, which only make things worse.

Macron Sadow

08-03-2005 09:06:26

I agree wholeheartedly. I'm just a passionate guy, what can I say. Anyhow, thanks again for the heads up.

Nekura Manji

08-03-2005 16:07:08

Whereas I'm British, so I can bitch as much as I like- people expect it ^_^ Especially when they know me, and realise how much of a cynical bastard I can be... :D


09-03-2005 22:48:24

Isnt that a violation of civil rights? Freedom of expression and whatnot?


10-03-2005 06:08:56

Isnt that a violation of civil rights? Freedom of expression and whatnot?

"Freedom of expression? Of course! We're Americans - we believe in allowing people the freedom to think and speak without fear of intimidation... as long as your thoughts and speech don't contravene Manual 5, subparagraph 4.6. If you do contravene Manual 5, subparagraph 4.6, you will be shot.

This is not a violation of civil rights because we believe in allowing people the freedom to think and speak without fear of intimidation."

Macron Sadow

10-03-2005 23:06:59

So true, and all of all of all this has been going on since cave pictures were being painted..


11-03-2005 07:42:58

Yea, its always going on, read an article were kids get expelled for refusing to take of trenchcoats, kid died his hair green, refused to dye it back and got suspended for ten days. Most of it comes from the wierdo kids, that weird dog collars, drip mascara down their cheek to make it look like they are crying and wearing their weird ass green fishnet shirts, i mean, some of these kids ASK for this to happen.

Tarax Kor

11-03-2005 10:34:12

No, they don't. It's not their fault that the environment they're in is a paranoid and delusional one. They're the way they are. It's who they are. It's how they express themselves. Just because the person in charge is a paranoid, clean-freak retard doesn't mean the kids 'ask for it'.


11-03-2005 13:39:40

I know alot of the kids that dress like that, and alot of them are happy go lucky kids, not the dark depressed people they lead you on to be, they think its cool, not to express themselves, also many of the kids say aww, look at me, im so sad looking, gimme attention.

Requite deSaiah

13-03-2005 15:01:48

I had been watching the news, and a story had popped up regarding a dilemma such as this one. (Or at the very least, it reminded me of this one) A senior had attended the prom, in Washington, and, being Scottish, had donned his traditional kilt and tartan. This is common in Scotland (Ireland too) that, while attending a formal occasion, you arrive in traditional attire. Anyway, a component of traditional attire is called a Sign Dubh. "Black Dagger." It is tucked in a sock. (This originally designed, that in the case a warrior lost his weapon, he could whip out another in seconds) He was arrested and chucked in jail for a while afterward. Silly Yankees


13-03-2005 19:56:32

wow, americans are getting dumb. heck, in Canada you could wear a full tartan and kilt dress WITH a knife to school and no one would care. at my school atleast. people need to be educated about this stuff. this has happened already but the sikh people wear knifes on them as part of religious acts and at one school a girl or boy was asked to take it off. the people said "You have defense, but no one else does, its not fair" or something like that. point is in America if you did that, youd be marked terrorist if you were in Texas or a state like that. go south, the more stupid americans become....

Till you hit Brazil of course. :)

Macron Sadow

13-03-2005 21:00:55



14-03-2005 14:17:43

I think that post made you sound really......DUMB, shisca, the point is they stop the problem before its even started. So to compare the US and Canada cant happen, why? Becuase everyone sees weed as illegal, dangerous and so evil, but in canada its legal, and who cares if you do it? So it really cant be compared because it is two differant places with two entirely differant people.

Requite deSaiah

10-04-2005 20:49:55

Like trying to compare a French Knight to a Samurai....

Nekura Manji

11-04-2005 05:34:03


The problem with America is that freedom of expression has been lost. Totally. Admittedly that's due to circumstance- Xhed, the reason kids were asked to take off their trenchcoats was because of the Columbine High School Massacre. The kids who did that called themselves the Trenchcoat Mafia. You can see why people would want to avoid that allusion.

And also, for your information, I'm one of those 'wierdo kids'. Although of the less extreme variety, admittedly. I don't wear mascara, but I do wear a lot of black. And the reason for that is because I want to. I don't care if people judge me because of that- I want to wear black clothing and floor length trenchcoats, and if people don't understand that, they can piss off. Because over here, we actually do have freedom of expression, to a degree- although it's getting worse because of American influence, through Blair.

Yeesh... it's actually really hard to avoid bringing politics into something when every news program you watch is harping on about the general election :D


11-04-2005 08:52:13

grr Schisca...I live in Texas....why'd you have to use that as an example?

Requite deSaiah

11-04-2005 20:29:17

*High five's Nekura Manji*

Yeah, I'm in the US right now, (Damn it. Ah well. Native Irish) and for crying out load, you can't say one word to contradict someone, and not have them compose some lame-ass racist comment. It's like the opposing ethnicity feels threatened or something....

Muz Ashen

02-05-2005 15:29:22

When I was in school (93-97), I wore a trenchcoat and hung with similarly equipped people.

We were called the 'Trench Coat Mafia' by the prick jocks and so on.
we all were the type to hate labels.

Then that crap went down in denver, and all of a sudden, i get called a 'columbine kid' for wearing one.

People like to fear other people. That fear is a lack of trust. That fear leads on to rationalize away freedoms. People that get that far removed from humanity, from free will, they become power mad. control starved. Paranoid. They don't want people to have weapons. They don't want people to have horror-movie terror fantasies. They don't want you to have control, they want it all for themselves. They don't want you out of uniform.

"We made gods and jailers because we felt small and ashamed and alone. We let them try us and judge us and, like sheep to slaughter, we allowed ourselves to be...sentenced. See. Now. Our sentence is up."

Be whom you are.
Big Brother is watching.
Learn to become invisible.


02-05-2005 15:54:02

Well, while we're at it...Did you hear about the little girl (maybe about 5 or 6) who had a temper tantrum in class? The cops came to the scene and handcuffed her! Now that is ridiculous!


02-05-2005 18:35:17

Yes it is...

Requite deSaiah

03-05-2005 20:22:48

Yeegods. That's the most horrible things I've ever heard. Enough to make me ponder what the hell America is comming to.

Requite deSaiah

03-05-2005 20:24:16

" "We made gods and jailers because we felt small and ashamed and alone. We let them try us and judge us and, like sheep to slaughter, we allowed ourselves to be...sentenced. See. Now. Our sentence is up."

Be whom you are.
Big Brother is watching.
Learn to become invisible"

The best damn thing ever to be said in the DB.


03-05-2005 21:32:41

I saw something on the news a week or so ago where they made penguins get out of the carry-on thing they were in and walk through the metal detector. We are getting too paranoid.......

Requite deSaiah

04-05-2005 21:53:49

Bloody yanks.


Penguins? That's just absurd.


05-05-2005 13:00:43

The ones who do this are fools among fools. In America, freedom has always been what we stood for and yet each year, with every new election (regardless of who go voted for and what party was voted for) more of that freedom has been infinged on in the name of security. I have gone into government classes and learned about this stuff. Its insane. America has slowly started to become a communist nation. Our civil rights are always in jeopardy, and I know when, not if, America falls that is when other nations will fall. England, Canada and many other countries throughout the world will begin to see that the mighty fall hard and often take their buddies with them.

It is sad it truely is. Watch the news and watch for a few key things that will herald a dictatorship. The primary goal of an up in coming dictator has traditionally been disarming the people. When the people are unarmed then only government controlled people are armed such as police and military forces. Its proof thats what dictators do. Hitler, Stalin, and every other dictator you can think of banned weapons. No weapons means less chance of being opposed. You can think what you want on the 'Gun nuts' out there and really it doesnt matter. Its the gun nuts everybody will want to be friends with when the **** hits the fan.

But anyways..im off topic. This whole thing with the kid is moronic. Its a story and piece of fiction. Put him infront of a jury and see how much of a fool the state makes itself. Then have the kid sue the state or something. Lawyers would jump on a chance at winning a case against the state.

And to Schisca, who made the statement too often heard about the dumb southerners, I am born and bred Texan. The only stupid thing I know of around here is the thought mentality you have. "Stupid Canadians' "stupid Yankees' "Damn northerners'. How stupid is that? Some of it has points. most dont. if you havnt been to texas then I wouldn't mention it in a post. Why? because you don't know. Ive seen alot of the states and alot of Canada aswell. Your thought process is not uncommon. But until you experiance it who would you possibly know whats going on?

Anyways..im done. Sorry..i got bored again and saw a topic.