Makurth Mandalore

26-05-2007 23:20:29

Hey all, I just saw this movie on DVD last night and wanted to see what everyone thought about it. I personally give it a B+, but to be honest, the subtitles I had to read instead of simply getting to watch it in English (though the native language was a nice experience) was a little annoying.

Thoughts, anyone?

Sakh nhem

27-05-2007 08:15:20

I haven't seen it but it doesn't look too good in my opinion. What's it about anyway? By what I've heard some tribe dude saves his family in a fight with another tribe or something like that

Makurth Mandalore

27-05-2007 17:59:33

That about sums it up.. It's OK if you like action movies, but that's about it. I simply happen to like the Aztec/Mayan stuff and saw it at Blockbuster and picked it up.

Rigar Ulrand

27-05-2007 23:46:28

I might just watch it cause its name is cool

Makurth Mandalore

28-05-2007 01:30:54

Nice. Let me know whatcha think :D


28-05-2007 06:40:35

it is [Expletive Deleted], your rating is too high in my oponion

it wanted to be brutal and violent, but it was a softy from this point.
it tried to show how barbaric that age was. Well, didnt do to good job in that either.


no, a guy gets an arrow into his lungs and still can evade 5-6 full healthy warrior, can run from a panther, then after he saves her wife, he meets with the europians. Holy cow that is a story for sure. :P

Makurth Mandalore

28-05-2007 15:31:35

Naw, I thought I was actually watchin some indian guys killing each other in my living room.. :blink:


02-06-2007 21:14:10

Melís transformation from leading man to total weirdo is complete.

Makurth Mandalore

10-06-2007 15:38:40

Yes, Mel is Braveheart no longer...


16-06-2007 13:41:47

Apocalypto ftw!

Makurth Mandalore

16-06-2007 20:37:45

Looks like Dismal is stuck on FTW again.. :P


16-06-2007 21:01:33

Or wtf... :D

Makurth Mandalore

16-06-2007 21:12:34

That's my particular favorite :P

Orv Dessrx

16-06-2007 23:56:07

I actually really enjoyed Apocolypto...

Makurth Mandalore

17-06-2007 01:47:03

I'm glad I'm not the only one who did :D

Kah Manet

14-08-2009 00:18:49

I don't mean to resurrect topics, but...

*uses some Krath magic he learned from his time in the Order*

I enjoyed Apocalypto, though didn't like the fact that Mel fired a historian because he told him the entire story was wrong. Mel was going for Mayan's fighting Mayan's, and the Historian said the Ritual Sacrifice and Gods thing, actual ritual for the God that is, was more Aztec, and Mel got all angry and upset and just fired the historian.

For action and violence, awesome movie. Plot, decent, but overall an ok movie.