Stick To Your Guns Or Fold?

Kaine Mandaala

30-03-2007 16:01:31

Ok - here's the situation...

I want to have my lightsaber made to complete my costume. I did some research about the types of electronics and blades and all that crap and found that the design I've had for years just isn't practical. So... I modified it. This was a big step. I've had that design for over 10 years now, and changing it was difficult, but I really want the blade system to work with something I've imagined.

I contacted RandomSabers about it and they shoot back that the design can be done, but at a great cost. For each thing I threw into my plan nearly doubles the price.

The base hilt made with only aluminum and using hex pieces instead of octagons = $150 or so.
Use copper for the hex pieces = $300-ish.
Machine them to octagon as they should be = $400+

This little project could easily cost me as much as $600-$700 after you add in the LED blade/sound board/electronics.

The other concern of mine is the guesstimate of it taking somewhere around 15 months. Is it really worth it?


30-03-2007 19:33:57

That's a lt of money just to complete your costume, I'd say it really depends on how much you want to complete it.


31-03-2007 03:38:04

if you have the money, yes it is worthy. As i see this is your hobby, so yeah everything that makes you happy worth it :)

Adien Falaut

17-04-2007 13:05:23

I say go for it! you put the effort into the design why not carry it the rest of the way :P

Sakh nhem

28-04-2007 11:14:06

I say go for it! you put the effort into the design why not carry it the rest of the way :P

Yeah, if you want it, do it. I would. If I had enough that is...

Makurth Mandalore

15-05-2007 12:19:36

I say go for it!

Lanius Sin

19-06-2007 23:08:16

i would say its never too late to put your own hand to a trade.. how much would it realy cost/how long would it take. for you to learn to construct it yourself or beg-borrow the equipment from friends... its worth a look at any rate. you never know, you could create your own saber-construction workshop. like a wise man/woman once said, "why let others do what you can do better yourself".. =)


22-06-2007 03:18:04

I've been on the Randomsabers forum for a long time now, and I must say, RY (the dude who makes those things) has pulled off some jaw-dropping designs. And every single person (except for the friggin babies) agrees that his sabers are worth it. Yes, the wait is quite long. But this is quality stuff - any other place you'd have to go by the creators rules. There at Randomsabers, it's all YOU. Ry will do whatever he can to create the saber YOU want.

I know I sound like a friggin sales person. And I know that 15 months is a long time to wait. But....THEY"RE SO FRIGGIN COOL!

But now for the bad news. RY has had financial crisises left and right, and at the moment, he isn't accepting new designs. I'm not sure if he'll go ahead with yours - but maybe since he's already quoted it, you'd have a shot.

But it's entirely up to you, Kaine.