SCL Guards


23-02-2005 18:35:48

At the moment I'm looking for three active dudes who are willing to be the official guards of the Seneschal.

Your working days will be long, your payment will be low but at least the equipment in your quarters will be working and you won't ever be "accidentally" locked in your own quarters.

If you're interested in this fine job, please reply on this topic and I will let you know if you got the job.



23-02-2005 18:48:40

me, i do. is this for GMRG? if not, then no.



23-02-2005 20:16:59

At last post some decent recruitment pic !! =P


24-02-2005 21:16:26

Dang only looking for dudes.

*walks away*


26-02-2005 18:25:55

Telona, there's always an opening in my schedule for you ;)

If you're interested, let me know :)