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17-01-2007 15:45:02

So anyway there I was looking at the DB Wiki and noticed member starships. So I go for a look see and stumble across the Merk-6 a Firespray31 that shrank to 16 meters. Impressive last I looked it was 21 meters and was assembled by Kuat Systems Engineering. But it's that type of stuff at bugs me along with the misguided beleif that a Super Star destroyer is some crazy length when it measures 8 kilometers in length. So any way if you need proof I will supply it, and of course if I find anything else wrong I will note it here.


17-01-2007 16:45:23

could you explain that SSD stuff? i kinda lost there :D

i mean i understand they may differ from canon, but whats the matter with it? :)

Andan Taldrya Marshall

17-01-2007 23:00:24

i mean i understand they may differ from canon, but whats the matter with it? :)

Well, you see there's this little concept that most people refer to as "correct information". The canon information is what we accept as truthful information in the Star Wars universe. Therefore, information that is different from the canon is considered to be incorrect. The length of a ship, it's weapons (not accounting for modification, just the stock configuration), the number of fighters it houses, crew size, all of that is spelled out for all of the cannon ships. If you want to use something from the Star Wars canon then you need to make sure that the info you use matches up with what is accepted as correct.

Modifications to canon ships are ok, as long as you explain that the ship has been modified from its origional configuration. Example: I fly an ATR that has been heavily modified over the years that I've owned the ship. In my wiki page about it I have an entire section dedicated to the modifications that I have done to the ship, I don't try to pass my mods off as the stock configuration.

Tarax Kor

17-01-2007 23:04:10


Don't edit it now, Crix.


18-01-2007 03:11:43

maybe we should point to sources which is accepted. I mean there are different infos published by LA, RPG books etc.