Firefox skinns


23-02-2005 12:20:37

I've been using Firefox for a while now and I've been looking (with little luck) for SW themed, Sith possibly, skinns for the brower. Anyone have some or know a good resource site for that beside mozilla's ?

Tarax Kor

23-02-2005 13:28:57

Not really... I've been using the default theme for a while now, and am quite happy with it. I didn't have the need to look much for other skins.


07-03-2005 19:14:07

Anybody recommend some extentions they use?


07-03-2005 19:26:09

Adblock, all-in-one gestures, forecastfox and some webdesigner plugins


07-03-2005 19:27:24

I currently use saferfox theme BTW. ^_^