Pet peeves

Makurth Mandalore

04-12-2006 21:49:43

Ok, I think one of the biggest things that piss me off in Driver's Ed. is the two idiots in the backseat that make crack comments about every little thing I do when I drive. That is so ANNOYING!!!! :@

Anyway, then the same two guys that act all big and bad when they aren't driving are suddenly scared [Expletive Deleted]less whenever it's their turn, but I get in trouble when I try to get them back for all the stuff they do to me.


At least I don't have to put up with it much longer, the semester is nearly over.. thank god!

Ylith Pandemonium

06-12-2006 06:48:48

have faith! Soon you shall be released from those people :P

Makurth Mandalore

06-12-2006 11:46:59

yes, that's what keeps me going :P (That and the fact that I'll have my license when I'm done :w00t: )

Kell Wraith

09-12-2006 05:58:26

I remember when I got my 9 years ago. Good times. >:)


10-12-2006 12:21:46

you mean 900 right?


10-12-2006 12:27:02

When they are bout to make a left turn on a busy intersection....start screaming your head off..."OMFG WE ARE GONNA DIE! IM TO YOUNG TO DIE!" Something along those lines...Guarenteed to make the driver slam on the brakes.

Makurth Mandalore

10-12-2006 19:13:55

RLOTF!!! Actually, I have done that and got into major trouble for it with my teacher. Of course, he likes our group too much so he didn't kick me out, although he did give a good tongue lashing.

It was still fun though >:)