25-11-2006 20:33:19


I thought Craig was awesome, and there were a lot of very cool scenes in the pic: the intro "parkour" chase, the heart defribulator scene in the Astin Martin, the torture bit (omfg!), the black and white scenes of Bond nailing his first two hits, etc. However the 2 hr 24 min running time was excessive and something about the storyline left me wanting; though I liked the girl, the supporting cast and the villain. Overall, thumbs up. They definitely accomplished what they set out to do in "rebooting" the franchise. I look forward to the next one and hope to see more of the Felix Leiter character, played by the excellent actor Jeffery Wright (Syriana).


26-11-2006 13:56:24

I saw the movie yesterday, and overall it was pretty good, but I don't think Craig is as good as Brosnan.

Ood Bnar

26-11-2006 17:26:16

Craig is not comparable to Brosnan!

Craig is another category. almost as raw as Connery. One of the better bonds. though Connery remains the true Bond, THis Craig can be the True Blonde bond. he's great


26-11-2006 20:48:31

I LOVED this movie. Craig is personally my favorite Bond, even over *gasp* Connery. I can't wait to see it again or for the next one!