Tarax Kor

18-02-2005 11:52:54


18-02-2005 12:06:39

1. I don't think it's that funny
2. Isn't this spam?

Tarax Kor

18-02-2005 12:23:59

1. I don't think it's that funny
2. Isn't this spam?

1. you suck, then.
2. No, it's not. Spam is posting completely useless posts in quick succession for a long period of time. Something like what you did when these new forums opened up.


18-02-2005 13:13:53

I wouldn't call it SPAM but I would say that posting a link to the site instead of posting the Comic itself would have been better.

I find it more sad then funny

h8 EA

Dark Sabre

18-02-2005 14:04:18

I really didn't find that very funny either...


18-02-2005 18:02:45

Yeah, I'm not that big fun of EA eighter, but this comic is far from funny.


18-02-2005 18:24:39



18-02-2005 20:46:39

that rocks.


18-02-2005 20:57:18

It was funny in a way. The guy said all that without changing expression too. EA isn't THAT bad, they do have some good games out there like Battle for Middle-Earth.

Requite deSaiah

22-02-2005 22:15:46

I found it commicle. Heheh. My mind is realing with images of the "Post Speech Dinner."

"Hey buddy! That's MY seat!"

*Demonic voice*

"How about we have YOU for roast?"

*Long silence*

"I like windows..."

*Runs off*

Sorry if this constitutes as SPAM. It was just an Idea that skipped through my mind....

Tarax Kor

23-02-2005 11:20:49

Dude... this [Expletive Deleted] is old... let it die. :P

Requite deSaiah

24-02-2005 20:02:35

Er..... Okay. Sorry. Didn't suppose posting would be so horrible.....

Requite deSaiah

24-02-2005 20:03:17

By the by..... Love the avatar Tarax.

Aidan Kincaid

24-02-2005 21:15:17

Another topic spammed. Congratulations. Perhaps someone will delete a worthless topic like this instead of one with a real conversation on it - but nah, that's just me being crazy...

Requite deSaiah

24-02-2005 22:02:15

Come off it Shadow. For crying out loud. I merely stated my perception on the subject, and you fly off the handle like an infintile child. This is my last word on the subject. Good by.

Aidan Kincaid

25-02-2005 00:54:47

double-posting = spamming. Just edit your previous post if you need to say something again. The only reason to double post is to increase your post count. And since more people are complaining, hopefully they'll just remove post counts and ranks altogether and everyone will be happy.

Tarax Kor

25-02-2005 00:56:50

Yeah.. if you have something else to add and your post was the last one on the topic... just edit it and add your new comment instead of posting a new reply.

It doesn't require that much thought to figure this out. :ermm: