KM's RL Battle

Kaine Mandaala

26-09-2006 09:26:17

I know a handful of people care about this little fight I've been involved with, so here's what was in the news this morning:

Big box store plans halted
Wal-Mart proposal met with opposition

The long-running dispute over a proposed Wal-Mart store in Rotterdam ended Monday with the company announcing an end to its plans.  The company announced it will terminate its contractual arrangements with landowners at Burdeck and Thompson streets and said it has no other plans to bring a superstore to the town.

The Wal-Mart plans were met with resistance from some quarters from the beginning, although there were supporters also.  Oppositions was from residents arguing the store would hurt the neighborhood - primarly residential and the site of the former town Republican Club - reuslting in reduced property values, increased traffic and crime.

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For those who don't know, the site where they wanted to build this Wal-Mart is my backyard -- literally. They wanted to bulldoze my house to build a super center.

Baron Zarco

26-09-2006 10:05:35


Wal Mart is the Borg.

I worked for them extensively twenty-three years ago (when they were still in the Delta Quadrant).


Macron Sadow

28-09-2006 13:02:44

I'm glad you won, Kaine. Yayy!