How to catch a Predator


12-09-2006 04:14:14

Hello fellow Darksiders,

I would all like to share with you the personal glory that is me! :P One of your lesser known brethren will appear on television (US) on Wednesday September 13th at 8p.m. EST, on Dateline NBC. For those of you who watch it there is a segment every so often called How to Catch a Predator, for those of you who dont its basically where Law Enforcement teams up with a group called Perverted Justice and Dateline to catch Sexual Predators off the internet. Anyways my counties agency sponsored this in July, and since they had cameras in the Jail where I work I will make a brief appearance. While I am in part doing this to bring further glory upon myself. :P

In all honesty for us who have children, it is a good program to watch as it gives good insight into what these people could be using to intice children for sex, so in encourage you to watch this. Also if your interested in what Perverted Justice does check out, Ill warn you that they show the chat logs, and it does get rather disgusting in them.


P.S. Sorry for what could be construed as SPAM.

Kaine Mandaala

12-09-2006 07:29:30

I'll probably be watching!

Those Dateline specials are funny and sick at the same time. I mean, funny because of the elaborate lies the guys try to come up with as to why they are there. Funny to watch them get the 3rd degree.

Funny too are the antics they pull - there was one guy who went to the house and got naked! Sickos.

For those of you who don't know (and don't want to go to the Perverted Justice site) they set these online predators up, letting them think they're about to meet an underage girl (or boy, yikes) for sex. When the guys show up they're confronted with Dateline's cameras and a rightly deserved badgering interview. If/when they leave, they're nabbed by the cops.

Great stuff, and again pretty funny yet sick at the same time.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2006 10:43:14

oh man...I read one of those chats...some guys are really really desperate...

Kaine Mandaala

13-09-2006 20:25:10

Watching the show right now - at the 20 min mark. Looking for DS in the background when they get to the prison parts :)

[Edit #1] Ok I think I saw you... I mean - the guy who they're showing through this one segment could be you, based on the only other pic I've seen...

[Edit #2] Hey DS - is this you in the black shirt?


14-09-2006 01:20:19

LOL nah, that one of the guys who got fired 2 weeks later for messing with one of the female inmates. Only thing I can really say is Im the one opening the cell doors for em. :P I should be on more in the 2nd segment next week, if/when they show them going to the main housing part of the jail. I had to walk several of them back. I do look a little like that guy though, Im just a bigger build. (Taller and a bit fatter. :P)