SW in Everyday Life

Kaine Mandaala

07-09-2006 13:15:12

Being a Star Wars fan, references to the films come up often in everyday life. Whether it's a constant in-joke or one-shot remarks, I find that I work a Star Wars reference into nearly every day.

Example: One of my company's subcontractors is a 6' 5" tall guy (who actually looks a lot like Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers).

He's somewhat of an imposing person, and can be kind of brutal at times. The in-joke between myself and a co-worker is to call this guy "Chewbacca". We have to deal with this guy often, so we try to prepare for the usually unpleasant experience. If I happen to spot the guy walking into the building I'll say to my co-worker that "The Millenium Falcon is in the parking lot."

Another example would be the way my friends and I say "they came from behind" when we are playing any game and get attacked out of nowhere. We're referring to the line in ANH, when TIEs destroy the Y-Wings.

Baron Zarco

08-09-2006 10:25:30

Dude, I find myself making Star Wars references every hour or so. It would take a book to tell you about all of them. Just this morning my gal and I got sick at exactly the same moment and she called from work to tell me that she was having an "Obi-Wan/Alderaan" moment and it amazed me that I was too. We are still waiting to find out what has happened.

We were out in the driveway in the full moon fencing with our Parks Sabers last night.

One time early in our relationship she caught me oogling her and asked me in her best Emperor taunting Luke over his lightsaber in EP VI voice, "You want...this?" I was hooked.

We never had a wedding ceremony but when we do we have agreed to use the EP IV Throne Room March instead of the traditional wedding song.

She named the vehicle I got her the Jade Sabre.

Damn, I do not know where to stop. I will probably make everyone sick if I go on and on.

We routinely analyze things in terms of Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate. I think the magic of science fiction and science fantasy is that the genre creates a realm unlike ours where our sensibilities and values may be tested without remaining tethered to our current situation. Sure we project our circumstances into the analogy but there seems to be a feeling that if an ideal or thought works in such an abstract environement then it will be true for ours. For us, sometimes, its a way of double-checking our values.

Hel-Pa Sklib

09-09-2006 00:23:28

Heh, my fav thing is too shout "I have you now!" when playing Halo, whatever with my friends.

Another big time favorite is the [Obi-wan]Possibly...[/Obi-wan].

Theres alwasy great fun in muting EP 3, and doing voice overs of the whole "Your breaking my heart" scene. E.G. =>

Padme: Anakin... your...your breaking my heart! Your going down a path I cannot follow! Blah blah blah...
Anakin: Liar! What the [Expletive Deleted F-word] is Obi-Wan doing here?!
Padme: Erm... uh.... um... Your breaking my heart!
Anakin: Die bitch!!! FORCE CHOKE!!
Padme: Blehhhhhh!!!
Obi-wan: Release her infidel!!
Anakin: What the...
Obi-wan: time to die [Expletive Deleted]!
Anakin: That's my line bitch! [Expletive Deleted F-word] you!
(Skip 20 minutes)
Obi-wan: I have the high ground, noob!
Anakin: Hah! your skillz are no match for my 1337 Hax!!11
Obi-wan: Muahah go for it!!
Anakin: Hiiiiii ya!!!! (Jumps at Obi-wan)
Obi-wan: GOD MOD ON!!!
Anakin: Ahhh my skin!!!
Obi-wan: Pwnd in the face bitch!!
Anakin: No fair!! I ban your IP!!11
Obi-wan not with no arms muahahahah!!!


12-09-2006 19:55:48

Lol that was funny.

I frequently reference it as well. If there's a deep family discussion and I don't reference Star Wars, it's cuz I'm sick or tired. I use the references for everything. If I see a short guy who's being an ass, I do the Yoda voice while talking to him. If I see a really big, hairy guy who's being an ass, I make chewie noises when he talks to me. SW makes great vengeance.

Muz Ashen

13-09-2006 03:21:02

Not exactly Star Wars, but I did have a geek moment the other day, driving through obscene traffic on the freeway...

I muttered "I'm a leaf on the wind..." as I swerved out of the way of a crazy semi.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2006 10:07:08

heh, I had one such moment with the girlfriend...

She: you haven't done the dishes yet haven't you?

me: your lack of faith disturbs me....*deep voice*

She: .....you haven't dont them have you?

me: ..nope...


or...with my brother...

he: hey...can I borrow that game of yours..?

me: Yeah yeah sure...I make special price for you eh?

he: just give me the game...

me: mind tricks dont work on me...only money!

he: just gimme the game or I'll go jabba on you...

me: Lets let faith deci.. *being punched*.. ow!


Andan Taldrya Marshall

13-09-2006 18:51:39

Not exactly Star Wars, but I did have a geek moment the other day, driving through obscene traffic on the freeway...

I muttered "I'm a leaf on the wind..." as I swerved out of the way of a crazy semi.

As long as you didn't get a Reaver's harpoon in your chest after you stopped :'(

RIP Wash


13-10-2006 23:28:53

There are too many to list, but I make TONS of Star Wars references. Mostly from Yoda, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, or Vader. But every hour or so I find myself..."Your lack of faith disturbs me," "The Dark Side is a pathway too many abilities some consider unnatural..." *rambles on and on* These quotes fit into everyday life by some twist of fate :)


15-10-2006 18:09:52

"I find your lack of faith disturbing" is a mantra of mine, I use it all the time. It's applicable a 1000x a day when you work around pencil pushers and yes men.

Kaine Mandaala

15-10-2006 19:31:05

The Force is truly with me.

A couple weeks ago, my boss wanted me to find a set of drawings in our storage. This has to be one of the most disorganized places one has ever seen. Drawings are rolled up and stacked on shelves in no real order. Sets from many years are jumbled all together, and some jobs are in multiple places. I barely scratched the surface insofar as looking. There are probably about 20 shelves to look through, and I hit about 3.

I sat down on one of the huge rolls of drawings and just closed my eyes. I was tired of looking. I spent about an hour and a half, and most of that was in trying to organize it as I went so I didn't have to go through this again. Sitting there, my eyes closed, I only thought "Where the hell is this set of drawings?"

I suddenly got a strange feeling and opened my eyes. I looked over to a shelf I hadn't touched yet (in the middle of many other shelves I wasn't even close to starting on) and zeroed in on a rolled up set of drawings about halfway down. I dug it out and looked at the reference number.

It was the exact one I was looking for.


19-10-2006 19:20:29

My personal fav is when my daughters ask why they should do as I say, of course the answer is:

"I am your father",

sometimes if I can fit it in to the conversation "Sister, you have a sister" " etc. You probably get the idea. I suppose I mainly quote Darth except when trying to fix my car, when it suddenly becomes Han Solo with "She'll hold together".

As for freaky stuff, dont even go there. I am a Reiki Master (yes yes, "I am the master now") so the weird is commonplace for me, like when I heard one of my staff call my name, I turned to her and said "Yes?" to find she was just turning to me, had said nothing but was going to ask me a question. She freaked out. Oh yes, reaching out to pick up the phone just before it rings. All the time.


09-11-2006 21:20:43

For me it's mostly "your powers are weak", "wipe them out, all of them", and "all is proceeding as I have foreseen". Most of that is linked with a Palpatine laugh. I also used to be able to do a pretty good TIE fly-by. I have no idea how often Star Wars comes up for me, but it's a lot. That and "my precious", but that's another story.

As for freaky things....

I made a friend's computer crash just by walking into his room once, and much the same thing happened about a week later with someone else (though that incident involved a shelf falling on a keyboard). A clear progression of power. My friend never really did like me around his computer after that.

I've also found many times that I "know" what Simpsons episode is going to be on, even if I haven't watched the show for a long while.