Comic Industries


15-08-2006 18:42:17

If you chose Other, pls give the Industry name....

Xayun Erinos

15-08-2006 19:10:09

Dark Horse...I tend just to read SW comics nowadays.


15-08-2006 21:11:51

I prefer Marvel, with Dark Horse a close second. Marvel is darker and more serious than some. Besides, without Marvel, we'd have no Hulk, no Spiderman, no Punisher, no Fantastic Four, no X-Men, no Iron Man, no Daredevil, and for you yankees, no Captain America.

So pretty much every big comic character is a creation of Marvel. Like I said, Dark Horse is a close second. Don't kill me.

Kaine Mandaala

16-08-2006 00:52:13

Mirage, baby!


Hel-Pa Sklib

16-08-2006 00:54:32

TMNT is some good stuff, but I've always loved batman, and always will.

DC w00t!

Werdna Elbee

16-08-2006 06:16:03

I've always tended to lean towards Marvel.

But lately DC have really improved since they finished that Infinity Crisis rubbish. With Grant Morrison doing All-Star Superman and Batman (just Batman) they have become must reads.

The Marvel Civil War is amusing though. A big improvement from last years crappy House of M (that pretty much reset Morrisons work on X-Men...but did create the New Avengers)


16-08-2006 08:41:58

Marvel have the best overall selection (and the current cross-thread Civil War storyline is pretty cool), and Dark Horse is Star Wars so comes in a very close second

Kaine Mandaala

16-08-2006 09:03:19

*** Possible Spoilers ***

I was a huge Spider-Man collector about 15-20 years ago, so I wasn't all too happy when they started screwing up the tale I had grown to love. In my eyes, pretty much everything after Amazing Spider-Man #328 is garbage.

328 ended the "Cosmic" story arc. After that they went crazy with clones, Ben Reilly, Aunt May death hoax, and Parker's love affair with Tony Stark - leading to him unmasking himself. I knew it was all going downhill when Kraven killed himself.

The funniest thing I've read about this Civil War was Jameson filing a lawsuit against Parker.

I was - and still am to some degree - a hardcore fan of the pre-ASM#328 Spider-Man universe. I used to know every little fact, factoid, character, cameo, crossover and reference. I'm kind of obsessive like that.

Werdna Elbee

16-08-2006 14:10:41

They pretty much wrote off the whole clones thing. It's not that its out of the Spiderman canon but it's never mentioned.


16-08-2006 21:17:42

I picked DC for Watchmen, Sandman, and of course V for Vendetta, which is a totaly awesome flick and an even better read.


17-08-2006 00:00:15

I'd have to say Marvel, but I don't mind Dark Horse either, there both good.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-08-2006 16:29:11

Dark Horse...not just for the SW comics...but all their comics rule

Werdna Elbee

17-08-2006 16:31:44

Dark Horse are too dependant on licences

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2006 06:57:21

even so, the way they draw and colour, perfect.