Kaine Mandaala

08-08-2006 12:46:26

Offering a bounty/finder's fee to the person who can help me get this:


Size I am looking for is Large. Actual amount to be determined after item is secured.

Kaine Mandaala

09-08-2006 10:45:29

No one wants free money, eh?

Seriously - if anyone knows where I can get this shirt I'll pay you (after I actually get the shirt).

If you have it and want to sell it, give me a price.

I'll tell you my tale...
I saw this advertised in the latest Star Wars Insider, so I went to shop.starwars.com but they didn't have anything listed except the Vader Hockey jersey, the Yoda Jedi baseball jersey, and Vader/Yoda football jerseys. After some scouting around I found it was to be released Aug 12. Some closer examination revealed it was released Aug 12... 2004 - I missed the boat by about 2 years.

Honestly - I've been to that site a number of times and haven't seen it, but now that I have seen it I really want it.

Various sites I have scoured seem to carry all the others (Assassins - aka Boba Fett - basketball/football/baseball jerseys, Jedi basketball/football/baseball jerseys, Sith basketball/football/hockey jerseys) but not the Sith Baseball one.

If you know where I can get it - even if it's at a local comic shop - let me know. I'm willing to pay you to get it for me.


09-08-2006 12:33:42


That's the closest I've been able to find. Just keep scouring eBay.

Kaine Mandaala

09-08-2006 13:27:54

Thanks Cuch...

Here's the Lucas "official" response:

Thank you for your email. We may be getting new stock at the end of this month.  We recommend you stay tuned in the future to StarWars.com and here for the latest updates. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Customer Service

So - if you want one too, look for it in about 3 weeks.


16-08-2006 12:50:45

Well if your willing to make the trek, I know the Star Wars Store out side of Star Tours at Disney World in Florida has them as well. I was there a 2 months ago and they had them. I know this because I wantted to buy one, Only didnt want to spend the 75 bucks for it. It would be cool for them to sell it online... would be most likely cheaper too... Prices at Disney world are steep. Anyway, thats where I saw it.

Kaine Mandaala

16-08-2006 13:21:19

It's actually more on the online store. I don't get why but it's $100-120 online.

Hopefully they restock soon. I'll have a scout nab it for me if they don't.


21-08-2006 17:45:10

I'm sure it's made almost exactly like a real ball shirt is. Like, if you want some jersey shirt with some famous football player on it (American) then it usually costs a good bit of money. I'd say look on eBay or what to see is the SW Shop stays true to its statement. Also Amazon.com usually has some stuff for discounted prices

It's a cool shirt, though, I'll give you that ;)

Kaine Mandaala

26-08-2006 16:18:59

Shirt acquired.

Thanks to the tip from Xen, I had someone grab it at Star Tours. I may have to pay you for that, Xen. ;)

Now I'm after the other two. One's still on shop.starwars.com for $75, the other is on some oddball site for $120.

"Jedi" (white with blue pinstripes/red piping and lettering) with Yoda and 80 across the back.
"Assassins" (navy w/ green sleeves, yellow piping and lettering) with Fett and 80 across the back.


The SITH jersey is back up on shop.starwars.com as of Sunday night, Aug 27 2006, but it's $15 more than at Star Tours...


24-12-2006 11:39:31

dang it...I coulda got taht fee...my mom owns a custom T-Shirt shop