"Star Wars" Style Holograms Getting Closer

Kaine Mandaala

02-08-2006 14:52:22

Chekc out page 6 of this article:



02-08-2006 15:58:58

Cool, now if it moved, talked and did tricks, that'll be better... :P

Kaine Mandaala

02-08-2006 16:57:17

I imagine it'll evolve into moving images pretty quickly.

Technology has been moving pretty quickly for a lot of things, so expect to see a better prototype in the next few years.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

24-08-2006 11:17:24

Now, how long will it take to get it to work both ways? In about 20 years those will be our new "cell phones". Imagine the price. $10,000 per set. I better start saving now.

Adien Falaut

30-08-2006 16:50:00

I'm sure with all new technology that will take time to evolve and go down to a price consumers can afford


30-08-2006 17:26:07

is a plasma TV is unaffordable? or a high tech mobile? No its not. But when someone thought about them in the past. Did they think they could afford it, or that it is possible to do?

Of course not. But we live in the world of money. And the product which is too expensive for the mass. Never will be that successul which find the golden way, between price and sales.


30-08-2006 20:08:17

I saw stuff much sicker than this at last year's E3. They had a rotating gold ring, for example, about the size of a frisbee, that glinted as it spun and appeared completely solid. Star Wars-type holo-tech is really just around the corner it seems.

Adien Falaut

31-08-2006 14:26:09

good point