Horror movie poll


31-07-2006 01:01:43

If I forgot any horror movie killers, just let me know....

Xayun Erinos

31-07-2006 05:37:26

You forgot Chucky! :P


31-07-2006 06:43:57

Jar Jar!


31-07-2006 15:17:24

yea, i know i forgot Chucky. But hes only a doll. he can be killed over and over again. So can the others, but Chucky is just a voo-doo thing gone wrong...


31-07-2006 19:20:00

Pinhead was pure demonic awesome.


01-08-2006 06:21:59

Yes. Yes he was. Krueger and Myers were good, but not as cool or evil. Kreuger just got far too cheesey to enjoy towards the later movies, and was just becoming a parody of himself.


02-08-2006 22:49:01

Freddy got turned into more comedy than horror. The first, second, maybe third ones were ok, but I think that they skewed it entirely. They did a good job on fixing that with Freddy vs. Jason tho.

Ylith Pandemonium

03-08-2006 07:01:11

Wishmaster was the only one who made me grin, so he scores :P