Mozilla Firefox

Remdan Tyranius

24-07-2006 02:39:37

Well, I heard a lot about it.My friends said it was a great browser and I heard about it a lot before.So, I downloaded it today, and I love it. I don't know if any of you guys have it or not, but I just thought I'd put the word out to go download it if you don't have it.It's great, it makes everything look so much better and it feels like it runs a little faster than your regular internet browser such as Internet Explorer.

Kaine Mandaala

24-07-2006 08:11:59

The incompatability is what keeps me from using it. Unfortunately a lot of the business sites are coded for MS IE, and Firefox has little to no functionality on most of the sites I need to use for work.

At home - well I haven't really given it a shot but I might have to do that today. I'm just figuring that if it has so many problems at work I'll run into the same junk at home.

Remdan Tyranius

24-07-2006 17:39:52

I dono, but it runs really well for me.

Ylith Pandemonium

25-07-2006 05:27:52

I never had any problems with sites

Kaine Mandaala

02-08-2006 21:48:26

Well I finally installed it and I can say this - sites load much faster with Firefox. I'm still a bit thrown buy the tab feature but I'm getting used to it. Only been looking around with it for about an hour and I like it.

I looked into some extensions but can't find (m)any that are useful. Most are just cosmetic or flashy garbage I don't need/want.

Remdan Tyranius

02-08-2006 22:25:35

Well, I've had it for around a week or so now and my computer seems to be slowing down. I've defragmented, used disc clean-up, deleted files, and these only seem or workk temporarily.I'm not sure whether it's firefox or my network, or something else but I'm still investigating.However, firefox is still working pretty well.

Wes Biriuk

02-08-2006 22:41:33

I use Firefox at home, and will never use anything else.

At work I am stuck with IE and I find it unreliable is comparison to Firefox. FF loads a hell of a lot faster and is easier to use (albeit, you need to get used to it :P)


03-08-2006 00:45:59

I read that FF leaks memory. I asked someone what that means and he said the program slows over time. And, speaking from experience, it's true. If FF idles for a long time, it'll crawl when you return. It also takes a while to load compared to IE. Still, my spyware count has dropped by orders of magnitude since I switched to FF, which more than makes up for its slowdowns. My favorite part is how it actually displays websites correctly. Oh sure, that browser compatibility test still shows that FF has a bit of work to do to be 100% compatible. However, most normal website appear exactly as the creator intended. IE, on the other hand, displays them randomly at times, or so it seems.

Wes Biriuk

03-08-2006 00:52:16

I have that problem with the IE I use at work. The DB site doesn't show up properly. The DC list down the side always runs through too far.

FF is the best. It always has updates coming out and automatically dowloads them for you. All is good.


03-08-2006 16:59:55

that is true, I love the tabs thing, no more appilications to slow down the computer even more.


16-08-2006 12:27:09

I use Firefox at home, but at other places, I have to use IE... I have IE on my home computer as well, but I only use it to test websites that I've created. The main thing about IE is that there are so many third-party toolbars that people (or at least me), never use. I deleted all of them, but there are still more offers! X-)