Ann Coulter


09-06-2006 13:04:31

So what do you guys think of her?

I am really unfamiliar with the political leanings of the members of the DJB and would like to hear some intelligent discussion.

Personally I enjoy her wit and banter. I think she is a fresh voice (and nice looking) in a realm of boring commentators. But at the same time she is way too extreme.

And as for her "church of liberalism." I think it is a joke. She has a law degree not a seminary degree. Impress me with your wit, but don't tell me Jesus approved of your book. Jesus would probably donate his books sales to starving kids in Africa, and not to a tiny black dress collection.

Kaine Mandaala

09-06-2006 13:49:12

I think this borders the "No Religion/No Politics" discussion rule the DJB has. This is why discussions are lacking from time to time here on the Forums.

I'll let it go for now but everyone be careful on what you say.

I think she's a bit off her rocker, but not unattractive.


09-06-2006 15:14:22

I think this borders the "No Religion/No Politics" discussion rule the DJB has.

All politics aside... O-)

Mann Coulter is soulless, cruel and insane. And she's a MAN, baby!

Baron Zarco

09-06-2006 20:12:36

She has occasionally has a good point but, then again, even blind hoga find acorns from time to time. Her range and consistency seem as skinny as her ass. I am not impressed. As for my leanings, I believe there should be no laws and I like a good round female butt just like the perfect one on my fiancee Darth Meda.


10-06-2006 14:12:14

I think the only reason people even pay attention to her is because of her attractiveness. Who would you rather watch, Crusty White Guy #1091 or Coulter? Her statements are hyperbolic absurdisms designed solely to inflame and grab headlines, much like many political commentators on both sides.

Ylith Pandemonium

10-06-2006 17:17:54

for people who dont know her:

enjoy :P

Who would you rather watch, Crusty White Guy #1091 or Coulter?



10-06-2006 21:58:02

Interesting, if distorted, picture there, Ylith. :)

My views on Ann...well, I've got some of her books. I haven't read her latest book, so I can't and won't comment on it.

I don't agree with 100% of everthing she says (then again, I don't think I've ever agreed 100% with anyone), but you can easily tell when she's presenting facts and when she's analyzing and offering her opinion. In the paperback edition of her book Slander, she's got 780 endnotes spread out over 261 pages, so it isn't like she's making things up.

One of my friends and I were talking about this at work yesterday, and he made a good point (as did Trouttrooper). Coulter, and many others, make grandiose statements because it gets attention. Attention sells books, gets you speaking engagements, etc. Also, Coulter likes to drive liberals crazy. It is what she does.


11-06-2006 01:15:39

The "Pick-Up Ann Coulter" Game!

"Ann is an illustration of how a certain kind of virulent right-wing politics is based on emotion, not reason. Almost to a one, I found that the most hateful voices on the right were venting their own deep-seated problems and frustrations. "
-- David Brock, Washington Post, Feb. 26, 2002

Ylith Pandemonium

11-06-2006 06:41:43

so ehhm...being European here....

who the hell...wait...what the hell does Ann Coulter do?

Is she a writer?


11-06-2006 13:13:43

Coulter has a law degree and she's clerked for judges in the past. Today, she's a political columnist and she's written 4 books (5 if you count the collection of her articles).

She's right wing (that is, conservative), probably further right than most.