Must Watch Movies


05-06-2006 01:21:47

Ok so the first movie I am going to post on here is a Ep III trailer. I prefer if gamers watch this so they know wtf is going on.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-06-2006 06:47:53


I saw this before but it still ownz


Rich Gun

29-06-2006 18:03:31

That was different

Kaine Mandaala

11-07-2006 20:49:31

That was pretty funny... and to keep this thread alive with other Star Wars related flicks...

And Robot Chicken rox.

And so does SNL.


12-07-2006 16:45:53

Lol those are Hilarious, nice job man

Kaine Mandaala

12-07-2006 17:58:28

Alternate Scene for Empire Strikes Back

Ylith Pandemonium

18-07-2006 03:52:41

lol nice :)

Makurth Mandalore

23-07-2006 14:26:10

Heh, I liked 'em all! Too bad I can't download them to my computer :(

Then I'd get to watch 'em all the time!!

Kaine Mandaala

25-07-2006 00:32:54

Toys that should exist.

And another favorite. I've read there were some licensing issues from Mike Judge on this one, which is why it may not ever see DVD.

And Voltron Gets Served, with original soundtrack. I guess there were some issues with the music (not the lyrics, but the actual music) so the DVD features a remix of the same song.


30-07-2006 21:48:18

Srry to sound like a noob, but wat is TK'ing?

Remdan Tyranius

31-07-2006 01:36:53

Srry to sound like a noob, but wat is TK'ing?

Team Killing.

Edit// Those were funny links, btw.