Wanna buy?


13-02-2005 20:46:58

A friend of mine is willing to sell his copy of Star Wars: Galaxies. Its only been used once and everything is in good condition (even the box). If you want to know, he wants to sell it because he does not play it and he could use a little extra money. I'd buy it, but I'm to cheap to actually pay to play.

He's not set a price, though I imagine he'll want a decent price. He was going to put it up on eBay, but I offered to make a post here as well, since the DB is Star Wars guided and the market might be a bit easier to find a buyer.

E-MAIL me (randomviola@yahoo.com) or post here if you are interested, and I'll put you in touch with him. Do not place "bids" on the message board.



13-02-2005 21:20:51

From my experiance if he already set up an account there is no way you can create another one. It has a code on it that you must enter when you create and account and on my experiance is a one use only thing. Please correct me if im wrong.


13-02-2005 22:18:42

Well, I've never played it, so I don't know. Of course, if anyone else knows, please let me know. If that is the case, then I don't think he can sell it.


14-02-2005 09:04:31

Xhedias is right, he would have to fork over his username and pw as well otherwise the game discs themselves would be worthless.

Kaine Mandaala

28-02-2005 02:33:36

May not be true.

I recall that with EverQuest you could call the SONY hotline to reassign the Account Key. In the case of people trading in the game to Electronics Boutique or any other reseller they (Sony) used to give out cards with all the info needed (Sony's hotline number, what you need to change the account info).

I have no idea if they still do that for SWG but I imagine since it's Sony they still do.


28-02-2005 05:04:18

Well, as long as he gives out his GameStation username and password, the buyer won't need to mess about calling customer support or anything. Of course, if his credit card details are already attached to the GameStation profile, he should ensure that's already removed when he goes to sell the game and 'access codes'.


02-03-2005 18:05:14