Thank you Veterans!


27-05-2006 14:49:44

I'de like to take the time to thank everyone of you Veterans and current Active Duty soldiers who have risked their lives for the freedom of the United States of America!


27-05-2006 15:31:11

Thank you soldiers, we are proud of you!


27-05-2006 16:07:43

Indeed, we have a few DBers "in theater" right now. Eternal gratitude to those risking life and limb.


27-05-2006 17:21:35

I would like to add my own thanks to the many veterans, especially those in my own family. With Memorial Day coming in the next couple of days, we should primarily remember those who have died in service throughout history.

It is my understanding that submariners (of all nations) hold to the belief/idea that when a submarine sinks, the crew remains on eternal patrol. I think the same could be said for all those who have died in combat. They remain on eternal guard, existing (though not physically) in our memories. One needs only walk through places like Arlington or the cemetaries at Normandy to see their watch.


27-05-2006 18:07:39

And to everyone. Dont forget what this weekend is about! Its not a fourday weekend to have fun, its a time to remember everyone who has faught for the sake that some of america's ignorance can be the way it is

Macron Sadow

27-05-2006 18:27:16

Thanks to all the veterans.... there are many in my family.


29-05-2006 02:44:19

I would like to add my thanks to not just the US Armed Services members, but all those in the Forces of their respective countries. (Even though this is normally a US Holiday)



29-05-2006 07:34:15

To my fallen comrades: Jay, Pat, Dale and Rick. I miss you guys.