Xbox 360 or PS3 or Wii?

Vangar Blade

26-05-2006 10:00:46

yeah xbox 360 all the way. >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

26-05-2006 10:01:20

Xbox pwnz

Vangar Blade

26-05-2006 10:07:16



26-05-2006 13:22:24

No question the 360 is a beast and already has a huge lead on the other two consoles. I'm still wrestling with the choice between Oblivion on the 360 or Oblivion on a new computer. Hmm.

However, if the controller turns out to be as innovative and unique as the press releases say, I think the Wii will be a fantastic hit. Imagine playing a JA/JO-type game and swinging the saber. Awesomeness incarnate. Imagine playing a TIE-type game and using the controller as a joystick. Not quite as awesome but still cool. And with a much more reasonable price tag ($250 compared to $300-400 for the 360 and a trust fund for the PS3) and always-creative games, Nintendo could rise to the top of the console wars once again.

As for the PS3, it's big selling point right now is that it's a cheap Blu-Ray player. Sony says that Blu-Ray players will cost about $1000, but a PS3 will be ONLY $500-600. That's great, but I--and I'm guessing most people on planet earth--would also have to upgrade my TV and cables to reap any benefit of the Blu-Ray tech.

Werdna Elbee

26-05-2006 14:06:49

360 and Wii probably. The 360 can wait though since there are no good games. My modded XBOX does all the lovely networking and media playing that I need.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

26-05-2006 14:08:11

Within a few years I'll probably end up with all three, but I'll probably get a 360 first. Unless a great game comes out for PS3 that I love then the only real reason for me to shell out the money for it any time soon is the cheap blu-ray player, but that's assuming that DVDs are quickly switched over to blu-ray after the ps3's launch, and I don't think that'll happen. I have every nintendo system except the game cube (I <3 NES) and the price tag on the Wii is great for all the features that nintendo is going to be offering on the system makes it seem like a great buy. Besides, you can't deny how funny it's gonna be when you ask your friends if they want to come over and play with your Wii.

Aidan Kincaid

26-05-2006 14:30:35

More than likely both HD-DVD and Bluray will fail utterly seeing as a normal person won't be able to tell the difference between the quality of video and the fact that both players and the discs themselves are much more expensive then DVDs... hell DVD players are going at 100 bucks right now :P Plus.. they're only a few years old. No need to change yet. Try again in 5-10 years guys :P

Lanius Sin

26-05-2006 15:38:17

already got a 360, im well pleased with the games on it. ill probably end up wit a Wii but the PS3 has yet to exhibit anything i would pay that amout of money to own.


26-05-2006 23:43:01

"More than likely both HD-DVD and Bluray will fail utterly seeing as a normal person won't be able to tell the difference between the quality of video and the fact that both players and the discs themselves are much more expensive then DVDs... hell DVD players are going at 100 bucks right now :P Plus.. they're only a few years old. No need to change yet. Try again in 5-10 years guys :P"

Actually there is a significant difference. If you're watching on a High Definition Television (as you should - and will be with both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) you can see it. Drastically. I saw Blu-Ray and HD-DVD both as CES in January, and there is a significant difference in both visual and sound quality.

As for me...I'm picking up a Wii this year. The Xbox 360 is a piece of crap, just like everything else Microsoft comes out with. I'll get a PS3 when the price goes down.


27-05-2006 14:47:11

X-Box 360. Only game I want or need that is coming out for any of those systems...Top Spin 2. Yes, that means I get to play, bitch and talk about tennis even more now. :P


27-05-2006 14:52:57

damn i didnt even know they made tennis games!

Sakh nhem

27-05-2006 15:46:41

Xbox 360. But I know someone who is so obsessed with nintendo that he wouldn't even waste his spit on the ps3 or 360.

Werdna Elbee

27-05-2006 17:52:58

The new Top Spin would be nice but I hear there is a new Virtua Tennis in the works. Difficult choice.


28-05-2006 00:31:15

I'd still get a new virtua tennis.

Ylith Pandemonium

30-05-2006 20:32:57

thing is...I'd buy Xbox 360 for Halo 3, a PS3 for Devil May Cry 4, and a Wii for the new Zelda...


hate...I will wait for the japanese all in one. They had one in Antwerp. it was awesome. It was like
a gamecube with PS2 controllers and Xbox harddisk. It pwned.

Vangar Blade

31-05-2006 09:35:50

A tennis game? how lame is that going to be?

Ylith Pandemonium

31-05-2006 09:50:37

Every console has got to have it's own Pong ;)

Xayun Erinos

01-06-2006 06:09:46

A tennis game? how lame is that going to be?

Well, you can find out for yourself, go and buy one of the many. There was even Mario Tennis on the original Gameboy. :lol:

As for me, I'll probably be going with the Wii. Nintendo's looking better than ever this year, I don't want a 360, and the PS3 is just far too expensive. I will get one, but I'm waiting until the price drops.

Vangar Blade

01-06-2006 09:49:41

I know about the gameboy game mario tennis I had it but I had no idea there was a lot more than that. If you ask me I think more tennis are just a waist of space. ball goes one way then ball goes the other way. It should of stayed just an outdoor game instead of a sport. It is only good for a workout. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ylith Pandemonium

01-06-2006 12:10:15

Pong 2000 edition. now THAT would be an awesome tennis game

screw those players. Pong rocks

Nekura Manji

02-06-2006 04:53:35

I wouldn't even waste my spit on the Xbox 360. Oops, I just did. Oh well.

The Wii or the PS3 are getting my money- Wii because it looks like the most innovative, entertaining thing to ever come out of the gaming world, and the PS3 because I'm a Sony fanboy and have been ever since FF7. At least I'm honest about it :D

Ricco Vao

07-06-2006 15:34:40

The PS3 is not very good, the Xbox 360 is way better it has amazing graphics compared to the normal Xbox and is better value for what you get. The PS3 is too expensive.

Vangar Blade

08-06-2006 09:38:21

Ps3 Wii have nothing on Xbox360!!!

Rich Gun

05-07-2006 15:29:43

If anything could help the 360 Halo 3 will.


05-07-2006 22:07:43

I don't see the point in going out and buying one now. Just give it a while, head down to a pawn shop, and get all three for like $300 or something. Mind you, a while is a few years. For now, I'm happy with the Xbox.

If I had to choose, it would depend on the tech. Is the PS3 backward-playable for PS1 and PS2 games? And is the Wii controller as good as they say? How good are the 360 graphics? I would wait until they had demos playing in game shops for all three, try them out, and pick the one I liked most.

Rich Gun

06-07-2006 14:32:03

good point I think i will do that to.


06-07-2006 18:17:39



06-07-2006 21:53:10

Even more reason to wait for the demo. See if u can actually do that. Wut if the controllers don't work?


07-07-2006 02:30:40

I would agree with Kal about the pawn shop thing, but if i had to chose one it would be the PS3 because it looks alot better than the 360 in my opinion but hey what do i know :P, also the Wii kinda impressed me at E-3 so who knows :P


28-07-2006 14:22:48

To bump this topic up a bit, and to answer a few questions asked about the PS3, as well as to clarify a few things, I am now making another post. A long post. :P

Yes, the Playstation 3 is backwards compatible with both the Playstation 2 and Playstation 1. Similar to what the PS2 offered for the PS1 in terms of backwards compatibility, we can expect about 99.9% of all PS2 and PS1 games to be BC.

Both versions of the PS3 (the $499 SKU, and the $599 SKU) come with harddrives, wireless controllers, and the ability to go online out of the box. The $499 version comes with a 20 Gig Harddrive (the same size as the 360 Premiums), while the $599 version comes with a 60 Gig Harddrive. What is cool about the Playstation 3 (and what the other two consoles don't offer), is that any 2.5" harddrive will fit in the system, and work. So you can buy a PC harddrive and put it in your Playstation 3 and it will work just fine.

The main differences between the two models aren't majorly drastic. You can get the $499 Playstation 3 and still be set with all of the main features that a great console offers. The $599 one is just uber and sexy. The $499 has a smaller harddrive, no SDFlash slots, no HDMI, no memory slots, and no Wifi connectivity. Wifi is wireless internet. You can still connect to the Internet with a cord with the $499 version.

The Playstation 3 is also very upgradeable. You will be able to swap any PC harddrive in and out of your PS3, you can add in Wifi connectivity, the SDFlash slots, and memory slots if you so choose. The $599 PS3 also has a nice chromatic metal...sleaky...thing, that's really sexy, on one section of the PS3 to show that it's the uber PS3 and not the normal one. :P

When I first heard the price I thought "That's too much money.", but it's a great value when you look at the larger picture. We get a Blu-Ray player with it. There's only one of those on the market at the moment, the Samsung one, and it costs about $1000 (it's also not even a great player - first gen and all).

Admittedly, yes, if you don't have an HDTV you won't reap a major benefit from Blu-Ray. However, the PS3 also plays standard DVD's. Blu-Ray has built-in BC with DVD's. In case noone knows what Blu-Ray is, exactly, it's a new disk format that holds much higher data capacity, and displays in better quality. If you own a HDTV and are tired of crappy DVD's not formatted properly to fully exploit your high-definition capabilities, Blu-Ray is for you. It's basically for HDTV owners. It's sort of necessary. DVD is entirely obsolete for HDTV purposes. It works fine for normal televisions and whatnot, but it doesn't cut it for HDTV. Consoles typically have a market life of 5 to 6 years (with the exception of the Xbox, which only lasted 4 years before Microsoft totally dumped all support of the system - awesome. =P). At the moment, about 12% of individuals own HDTV's. HDTVs are coming down in price and as that happens more people will buy in to it. The Playstation 3 is "future proof", per say, because of the inclusion of Blu-Ray. The 360 still uses a last generation disk format, DVD.

Imagine if we were still stuck with CD's for Videogames for the Xbox and PS2. Yuck. Each console generation, the format moves up to something higher. It's for a very good reason. Look what happened to Nintendo with the 64 when they failed to move on to CD's, and stuck with the cartridge format. They took a downward spiral. As games become more complex over time, and require more data, so must the formats move up. Blu-Ray is a better format than DVD, and is well suited for gaming especially.

Also...the Playstation 3 is more powerful than the 360. I'm not talking about what a Sony guy said either. John Carmack himself stated as much.

The Playstation 3 is a better console. It's also more expensive. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with the PS3, you HELLA get what you pay for. :P


31-07-2006 11:56:11

Blu-ray and the other one will probably be the last type of format you can buy. As DVD has replaced VHS then so too will something else replace DVD's. Sony (and Disney and Fox and a load of other people) have backed Blu-Ray while some other people have backed the other format. Much like VHS / Betamax in the 80's.

The problem is, with people getting ph@t 8Mb net connections in their homes as standard, you don't actually need a physical disc, just a hard-drive on the end of your pipe. And we've all got those, and if you get any of these games stations there's nothing to stop you from DL'ing whatever movies you want from (King Kong was the first movie to go on sale to be downloaded).

Blu-ray and the other one have only just been realsed to tie in with the explosion of HD-TV across the globe and they're already outdated.

I'll be going for the PS3 (and probably pick up the Wii as well) cos I've always gone with Sony and apart from not being able to play Halo and Mario and decent Star Wars games on it (that's why I'll be having the Wii too!) it's all good.


31-07-2006 17:03:33

Glad to know lol :P


01-08-2006 06:06:21

Myself and Cannabisia are always more than happy to bore the whole of the DB with usless information on disc formats! Look forward to our conversations on which HD-MPEG format will be most used to download movies.


02-08-2006 23:00:31

Aren't you two the little salesmen?


08-08-2006 18:41:51

Honestly, I'd love to get a PS3, but dang it, the price is waaaay too high for now. I just know that I'd want to get the top of the line one, and the thought of my PSP interacting with it (the PS3) has me jumping through all sorts of hoops.

However, I realize that there are other factors to consider. The main one is that I have two small kids, both of which are turning out to be gamers like me ( :D ), so I have to keep them in mind in terms of what type of games to get that are good enough for the family as a whole as well as over all budget concerns. I don't relish telling the wife that I want to spend $600 for a new console system, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, the $600 is just the beginning. I'd have to at the very minimum get a total of 4 controllers (One each for the kids, one for my brother, and of course one for myself), as well as other accessories which will not be cheap. Since I don't have an HDTV as yet, the PS3 would force me to upgrade that as well (Although honestly the HDTV been budgeted for sometime next year. Still, have you seen the prices for a 1080i 50" LCD? :blink: ) I think I'll wait until Xmas time of '07 before I get one. Hopefully they'll be a price drop by then.

I'm very iffy about a 360. I did see GRAW on it, and that alone was enough to make me drool. However, this is Microsoft we're talking about! That alone is enough to give me pause. To be fair, I'm thinking about getting an original Xbox to play the Halos, MechAssault, and KOTOR, all games that I've never played before but have wanted to. Still, they're fairly cheap so it won't dent my budget too much.

Then there is the Wii. When I first saw the controller, I immediately grasped it's potential. I also have a DS, and seeing the sheer amount of cool games that are coming out for it, I can really back Nintendo on that one. Plus, you're pretty sure that whatever they come out with would be A) Fun, new (As in new ways to play and interact with your gaming environment), and interesting B) possibly inter-compatible with the DS (A big plus in my household, with two DS's and a DS Lite about to be purchased) and C) a much higher chance of co-op play on the same machine (A big plus in my house).

There are a few other odds and ends that attract me to the Wii. The virtual console system will really rock, I'm actually looking forward to that more than anything else. Next, many game developers are actually more interested in working with the Wii due to it's innovative design over 360/PS3 systems.

Granted, it won't be as pretty as the other consoles, but being originally a turn-based war gamer, graphics never really were all that important to me. So, the Wii really works for my family and I.

My $0.03. ;)