Cool Jedi Flash Game


15-05-2006 20:40:57

Kaine Mandaala

15-05-2006 21:10:36

Best. Stupid. Flash. Game. EVER.


15-05-2006 22:40:51

lol i'm addicted. I think the highest score i got was 8291.

Sakh nhem

21-05-2006 09:12:21

That's the second one. I've played the first jedi trainer, it's easier I think.


21-05-2006 11:22:43

It is easier, but I like the second one better


21-05-2006 12:21:57

Anyone got a link to the first one ?


21-05-2006 16:24:52

Anyone got a link to the first one ?


22-05-2006 09:27:09

GNAR-KILL!!!!!!!! New high score 10243. The message says Obi-Wan has taught you well but your training is not complete. What the hell? Do I have to get 40000 to have mastery of this damn lightsaber?