Celebration III


12-02-2005 19:31:44


That website has all the info about the convention and what not. As they are giving away more and more details as to who will be there and what cool things are being offered I'm just drooling over it all. I heard Zahn himself is going to be doing autographs but that's just rumor right now. :w00t:

I saw they'll have an exclusive action figure for all to buy. It's Darth Vader with James Earl Jones' voice! If any of you who can't make it to the convention but want something from it you can just give me a yell. I'd still like to know who all is going to come so we can have a party :D

If you look at the Fan Tables section you'll see the EH got a spot. I know the guy who's going to be heading that table >:)

Sorry I couldn't get one but I didn't know about it until it was too late. I tried though. :'(

Ok I'm done babbling.


25-02-2005 23:05:21

They've announced that the movies will be played every night on a big screen with free popcorn :)

The list of collector items being offered is growing. There's some pictures of what the toppers might be. I've already ordered my Darth Vader topper.

I'm looking forward to seeing the people in costume but no way am I participating. I'm a fan but not that big a fan.

My offer to take pictures for people or buy stuff still stands as well as my offer of free dinner. I look forward to haning out and enjoying Star Wars talk. :D


26-02-2005 11:53:39

Can you egg the people on the EH stand and show us pics of that? :P


07-03-2005 09:51:30

I don't think I'm allowed to bring in any food.


11-03-2005 22:05:29

As the time draws nearer, Celebration III is just looking more and more fun. On April 23 there will be a party from 7 - 11 pm that will be hosted by Jay Laga'aia (Captain Typho). There will be games, trivia, bands, drinks, ect. and looks to be an exciting party to attend.

I'll be there of course and encourage those who are coming into Indy to join me at the party. I'll also be happy to treat everyone to a meal. :) Just got to let me know you are coming. telonam@sbcglobal.net

Oh yeah, Warwick Davis(Wicket) will be there too as has been announced on the page. Link in my first post.

Kaine Mandaala

21-04-2005 01:44:23



22-04-2005 07:32:50

I wish I could go :'(


23-04-2005 02:10:54

It's freaking awesome!!! Where else can you see an Elvis Storm Trooper, a Captain Jack Sparrow Storm Trooper, three GhostBusters, a bananna, and a genie all in one day?


23-04-2005 06:37:05

Lol, I didn't know Johnny Depp was is Star Wars.


23-04-2005 06:44:22

Lol, I didn't know Johnny Depp was is Star Wars.

That would rock. They should add Cpt Jack Sparrow into the 3rd movie :D


23-04-2005 12:56:10

That would be an....interesting movie.


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12-05-2005 22:22:33

*Drools over the pics of CIII then looks back at his 12:01 tickets for RoTS*


13-05-2005 11:24:22

Bleh I have to work that night.....


13-05-2005 20:13:54

lol, you think that would be one day you could request off ahead of time


15-05-2005 23:31:25

I had other vacation plans to attend to. Besides, I'd rather work than stand in line for a movie.


05-06-2005 20:59:00

I'd rather stand in line for a movie, the ending is much more satisfying than getting out of work