I appologize in advance.


10-03-2006 03:02:20

First one is off of Saturday Night Live, its censored, but I wouldnt reccomend "young-uns" watching it. The second....its just a news article.

Natalie Raps Video: http://www.nbc.com/Video/videos/snl_1439_natalieraps.shtml

Hoth for 2014!!!: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eo/20060310/en_mov...wBHNlYwN5bmNhdA


Kaine Mandaala

10-03-2006 16:08:14

Though it promotes a nonexistent alien planet, Hoth2014.com wants real-live Americans to care about the Winter Olympics again.

Who gives a crap about EITHER Olympics? Obviously nobody. I've seen the near-empty arenas in highlights for the last couple games... pathetic.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-03-2006 15:28:10

you know...me liking Padme days are over now :P