Darth Cheney falls on his saber


28-02-2006 15:47:15

Word around the K Street water cooler is that Richard B. "Birdshot" Cheney is out after the '06 midterm elections. So who should/will replace him? (likely candidates listed in poll)

Personally, I'm no fan of this administration, but if the oft-mentioned front-runner Sec. of State Condi Rice is nominated, it would be truly historic: the first African-American and the first female to hold the second highest office in the land (and with a real shot at the highest in '08). Whatever your political ideology, it's an inspiring possibility: From slavery to the Civil War to the Suffragettes to the civil rights movement to VP of the USA, all within a relatively brief 200 years of social evolution.

Eliminating racism in the US is still very much a work in progress, obviously, but politics aside, her nomination would be a hugely symbolic and genuinely institutional step forward.

So would the country support her nomination? Would such a change in leadership mean anything to improve relations between the US, its European allies and the rest of the world? Or should the new VP be someone else entirely? Thoughts?



Kaine Mandaala

28-02-2006 16:33:45

You can rule Lieberman out - - He's a Democrat. Granted he's more qualified than some Republicans...


28-02-2006 18:36:05

You can rule Lieberman out - - He's a Democrat. Granted he's more qualified than some Republicans...

I wouldn't be so quick to rule him out. He's a centerist Democrat with strong ties to the GOP and a foreign policy which mirrors that of the Bush administration (especially re: the Middle East and Israel). He's also mentioned quite frequently as a possible successor to the Sec. Def. if Rumsfeld retires/gets fired. It is unlikely, true, but it's something that's widely discussed in GOP circles, and if it came to fruition, Lieberman might very well switch parties. He's certainly not beloved in his own party anymore.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

28-02-2006 19:59:45

The only way the I see Cheney resigning is if the Libby stuff gets him in trouble. I fail to see how Cheney is a political liability to a president who can't run for re-election. The hunting accident was something that was only a story for a little while, and only because it took Cheney so long to tell people about it. I doubt that Cheney is going anywhere until the 2008 election.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-03-2006 18:32:07

Rice is a total bitch...bush can stay in office, she is more dangerous...

Wes Biriuk

02-03-2006 18:07:01

I say Leiberman... no real reason cept for his name sounds German :P <3

BTW I'm Australian and therefore couldn't really care