Chanel 4's 'Invaison'


20-02-2006 07:05:06

Ok I have been watchin the ne Channel 4 series Invaision and think its great, but i am still confused about what is with the aliens, any one who has watched this program will know what i meen, i have a few ideas myself but want to see if you people have anything similar or different.

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Kaine Mandaala

20-02-2006 12:57:07

You can also report spam to me. It'll probably be dealt with faster.

Anyhow - Channel Four? That's in the UK, right? I think it's available to satellite and digital cable people here in the USA.

Here's the Channel Four listing:

This is hilarious - the official US site for it looks like some smacktard's tripod site.

Looks like it airs on ABC here... I haven't seen the show but this could be why I've heard of it.


21-02-2006 04:35:13

if u can watch it its worth it, and thanks for the note about spam, i only included jac and kandos because of the arangement that has happened between the Spam board and the admin (jac if he did not mention it to anyone else)