Giraffes in the air.

Tarax Kor

15-02-2006 02:11:21

You're all gunna kill me, but...

Giraffes in the air.


15-02-2006 06:06:42

i dont get it, whats it all about, a picture of giraffes with wings, why?

Ceric Crimson

15-02-2006 17:43:59

You idiot, Shadow... :P , turn on the volume...or don't.

Yes...better that you don't and spare yourself some pain.

*scope settles on Tarax*


16-02-2006 04:15:12

ah i see sound, this computers speakers dont work, though thats not surprising, i cant even get java to work on it.

Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 08:05:20

Consider yourself blessed then.


16-02-2006 08:53:31

ah, ok then, i take it its not good to listen too then

Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 15:12:36

The worse kind:

catchy AND horrible


22-02-2006 02:20:48

*Rage aims Death Star at Tarax*