Tarax Kor

09-02-2006 15:24:38


If you make it past 18 seconds, you're very good.

It's been rumoured that US Air Force trainees have to last 2 whole minutes.

My record:


10-02-2006 09:39:19

ok my best time so far is 27.031, its hard tho, but great fun, i will keep at it.

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 18:20:25

nice job!

Mine is 22.898.


13-02-2006 08:31:16

takes practice, i noticed that the shapes go the same way everytime so u just have to remeber where u go wrong and try and get past that point each time, took me about 10 attempts to get that score, ok new high score 29.625