where is khobai/sw mod


25-01-2006 16:10:07

A while back he private messaged me about possibly hosting the files for an Allegiance star wars mod. I'm not finished yet, but I'm getting close to an alpha, just wondered if the offer is still there. I don't know for sure if I'll need a permanent webhost, I might be able to get the files on an autoupdate system with the allegiance admins, on their webspace

here's a screen, xwing by darksaber and modified action transport by flavid

Tarax Kor

25-01-2006 16:19:49

Looks nice, man. Reminds me a bit of XWA. ;)


25-01-2006 20:46:54

Weed -

I know Khobai is around because he's been in contact with us recently. You should try emailing him about this. Just that screenshot looks amazing and I know a lot of Brotherhood members would be very excited about this mod.


26-01-2006 05:25:51

I spoke to Jac (the leader of our club) a couple months ago and he said it was cool if we hosted the mod. I imagine you would get full access to the FTP server to upload files whenever you wanted. You can email me at khobai83@hotmail.com whenever you're ready to host the files and I'll email Jac with all the specific details so he can set up the subdomain.


26-01-2006 13:34:21

Thanks guys


09-02-2006 06:05:38

er that image looks like the wild karade


14-02-2006 20:17:28

it is indeed


15-02-2006 04:59:25

ah thought i recognisered her, good old modified Correlian Action VI Freighter, though the pic is missing the Turbolaser clusters fore and aft


12-04-2006 01:48:28

quejo caught me in game, I will post some updates tomorrow probably, it is late.


12-04-2006 16:57:32

So I've gotten most of the small ships converted and ready. Next on the agenda is the capital ships. I've finished converting a modified corvette. At this point that is the only one I have done.

RED is rebel, GREEN is empire

So far I think the plan is to use the:

recon fighter aka scout
tie fighter

small fighter
tie phantom

medium fighter
tie interceptor
tie avenger
tie defender (luxury ship)

heavy fighter

utility repair craft

torpedo bomber
tie bomber

assault transport

troop transport
stormtrooper transport

heavy troop transport
stormtrooper transport

medium transport
modified action transport or mobquet tranport "suprosa"

heavy lifter or modular conveyor
cargo ferry

corvette class
modified corvette

carrier class
escort carrier

destroyer class
corellian gunship
lancer frigate

frigate class
nebulon b frigate
modified frigate

light cruiser class
assault frigate

medium cruiser class

heavy cruiser class

battleship class

I 've got the victory star destroyer, imperial star destroyer, a number of mon calamari cruisers, home one, mon remonda, among others, the light calamari cruiser, interdictor. Do not have a death star or super star destroyer. I'm thinking about how to arrange these ships into the medium heavy and battleship classes. I don't have any bases converted either. Most of the sound effects are taken care of, even so, if you guys know of any sfx that are cool, can you let me know perhaps? I would like to get the sun crusher and death star as super game ending ships, but they would be really expensive to research to keep the cheesy factor down.

Don't have a falcon converted yet, but hopefully I will in a while.


I don't have too many screenshots. At this point I've been trying to concentrate on setting up the development tree for the factions rather than playtest and capture action shots. Don't get me wrong I have playtested quite a bit, and discovered some really important things about the allegiance engine, but I think I have most of the model specific problems worked out. Now I need to worry about the technology branches and trying to keep it balanced so that one particular branch cannot totally dominate the others. There will still be mismatches, there have to be to keep the games from being all the same all the time.

In the end though, any path should be able to defeat any other path given it is used properly.

I think I could release something in 2 months, maybe less, that would be on the autoupdate for allegiance, then all is needed is that you have the game, which is free to download, and you create a login name, and it would update your client when you connect. That is the best part about the allegiance update system, there is no manual install to update your game.


If you have never tried this game I would highly recommend it. It is a space combat/ strategy game. The games are based upon online multiplayer. There are generally two teams, and you pit one team against the other. All of the ships are piloted by players, aside from the constructor and miner drones, so space battles over a particular sector can be very intense at times. It's a pretty deep game. I will warn you that it is confusing when you first begin. But after time, and once you understand the different tech paths, it can be alot of fun.


18-06-2006 18:21:20

Is there any news on this? It would be too bad if something looking this great would get abandoned.


25-06-2006 01:52:33

Alpha version released.

Simply download the game at http://www.freeallegiance.org.

Create a callsign and login, your game will be patched at the lobby screen. Find a star wars server. Play.