My rant.


05-01-2006 02:29:34

I sold my Xbox back in October to put the credit towards my 360. And, found out Christmas Eve (The day I picked up my 360), that I can't transfer saves, and games such as Morrowind, aren't even backwards compatible.

On an upside, CoD2 and PDZ pwn.



06-01-2006 08:24:35

Thats your loss. I reserved a X360 and put about 30 dollars towards it off of each paycheck then BAM, I have enough for the premium one as well as 2 Wireless controllers, Madden 2006, Quake 4, and Need For Speed Most Wanted.


10-02-2006 10:29:10

shud av waited for PS 3

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 18:15:16

Mmm...the game I really can't wait for is Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion...its coming out on the 360 but for 400 bucks I might as well just buy it for the pc...