Axis Pedals. Worth it?


15-12-2005 01:24:01

I have been investigating Axis pedals, specifically the Axis X2 Pro Pedals, im not thinking of going longboards since i dont have a big foot or do the heel toe method. Just plain X2's. They are 1k retail, ive been quoted $849 AUD.

I see that Pete Sandoval from Morbid Angel, Derek Roddy from Hate Eternal, Hellhammer from Mayhem and his various other bands and Richard Christy from ex Iced Earth all use Axis pedals and their feet are blistering quick, im not saying that automatically these pedals would make me fast at double kicks, but with these great drummers using them, i feel confident i can get better. Currently i use Pearl Eliminators. They arent bad, but i think its time to upgrade

I dont know much about the pedals really, im going to go in a try them. Anything i should look out for?

Thanks alot.

Kaine Mandaala

15-12-2005 08:00:20

Aside from me, I doubt anyone knows what the hell you're talking about. I was a little confused until the end of your second blurb.

I had DW 4000's.

What to look for:
Make sure the action isn't too loose for your style and that the surface of the pedal is comfortable. If you can, bring your throne. That way you have a closer feeling to how it'll be to use the pedal.

The speed thing is 85% practice. The other 15% is having a pedal that works smoothly.


15-12-2005 08:50:26

Yeah i hear ya, well let me clarify the topic, if there are any drummers who use double kick pedals and who happen to use Axis pedals then i could use some info on how they are, if drummers here dont use Axis pedals then thats cool, any help with finding a suitable double kick pedal will be much appreciated.

Thanks Kaine.