Superman Returns

Tarax Kor

14-12-2005 13:36:11

Trailer can be viewed here.


14-12-2005 13:45:55

Seperman? :P
[Note: Thread title was originally misspelled -KM]

I saw the trailer in theatres. It looks...interesting. I'm holding off and trusting Bryan Singer for now. He did well with X-Men so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. However, due to what is involved in the story, it would have been nice to have a Superman that was a bit older...or at least older-looking.

Tarax Kor

14-12-2005 14:04:29

Yeah well the 'Seperman' part was due to not paying attention.

As for it looking older... To me it seemed fairly new, except that it sortof had that aura of old times.... sort of like the first Batman.

I'm having mixed feelings about it, though. But I'm hoping it'll turn out kickass. Brian Singer hasn't failed us yet, and I'm hoping he doesn't with Superman.


14-12-2005 14:10:20

The story however is supossed to take place "after" the first two Superman movies I believe. And Superman was supossed to have gone away for 5 years or something. Granted, I'll accept Superman ages slower than perhaps a normal human...but I'd still like to see someone more mature in the role.

But, I'll still go see the movie and hope it turns out well. I want it to succeed...and if it does really well, maybe a Batman/Superman team up :P

Aidan Kincaid

14-12-2005 22:07:26

Superman is just hard to write for in a movie... when the guy is practically unbeatable the story is driven mainly by his emotions... the why he does what he does. 2 hours isn't long enough to really capture that so I don't think we'll ever see a "good" superman movie. That's actually why I've always preferred Superman in television shows. It allows for a lot more character development.

I'll wait to rent this... but then I do that for all movies :P No movie is worth paying 14+ dollars for one viewing screw that.

Tarax Kor

14-12-2005 22:41:13

Thing is.. they fagged up the constume. And it seems to me that they chose the actor that plays Supes on the basis that he somewhat resembles Christopher Reeve. He doesn't strike me as the Superman type.

Aidan Kincaid

14-12-2005 23:45:29

Also never liked the Uber Nerd look of Clark Kent in the movies... nobody who saves the world would wear glasses that thick even as a disguise :P


27-12-2005 23:50:20

I Would!


07-01-2006 09:06:00

No offense Uzbad, but you'd be too busy sipping coke to save the world! (I'm sorry dude, I'm just kidding :P )

anyway, yeah. brandon routh does look a bit young for where we are in the story with superman, but that's not hugely important. as for fagging up the costume, well let's face it - DC did that when they created the character. the costume for the movie looks just like the costume he wore in the comic books.

i've never liked the superman character. his only weakness is a chunk of his home planet?! what did he do before he left then? i think the movie will be entertaining enough with bryan singer at the helm, but he did screw up the x-men movies a little. sure they were good films but what's the deal with rogue and iceman? rogue's supposed to be going out with gambit. and WHY THE HELL HASN'T GAMBIT BEEN IN THE MOVIES YET?!?! it was him who introduced rogue to xavier's merry little band. too many discrepancies, but they were enjoyable films. ok, rant over...


29-01-2006 00:53:38

Well, duh!

But I'd still wear thick glasses, IF, i was too get up.