Wow, this is really funny!


13-12-2005 14:25:44

Some of you have probably seen this, but I figured I'd share...

WoW peeps singing about what the Internet is for. Warning, the word pr0n is mentioned. A lot. :P


21-12-2005 21:03:44

The link is dead!


24-12-2005 04:16:55

I got to see it, bout pissed myself.


27-12-2005 23:43:48

It worked!

Thats great...!


09-02-2006 09:35:53

na link is dead again


10-02-2006 17:10:43

Sorry, I'm not hosting the file, it seems that the server that is hosting it gets slammed every now and again, causing a dead link.

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 18:19:39

For those of you poor ppl who havn't seen this yet, here u go: End of Ze World


16-02-2006 09:33:27

whats it about, knowing your links its probably of disreputable quality.

Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 15:09:41

I'll see you burn for that.


16-02-2006 18:21:29

It is of my fav. videos.

Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 20:56:23

Thank you, my dear.


17-02-2006 04:11:58

i will take it from Devs comment that its not too bad then

Ceric Crimson

17-02-2006 18:24:32

Then maybe you should click on it...