Sad day in Comedy


11-12-2005 19:43:19

For those who dont know Richard Pryor passed away Saturday morning at the age of 65. He was one of the pioneers of modern comedy. If youve never seen or heard one of his comedic performances, and if your at age to, (ALOT of profane language) try to listen or watch some. He has been inspiration to comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, ect. Youll get a good laugh, trust me.


12-12-2005 08:31:51

Yes I know, that is very sad. Richard Pryor was an awesome comedian.


07-02-2006 08:27:37

such a shame

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 18:24:28

Richard was The Man. And will always be The Man.



15-02-2006 08:40:51

amen to that Ceric