Who was in EH, what SG and rank, ect.


02-12-2005 02:09:33

I was a VA in the TC got up to CA:LO, Im a COL now though. DJK in the DB, and a CM in the ID. Thats about it. :P And no im no longer in any of those groups,



02-12-2005 12:35:05

Just cause I'm bored

TC: Got upto General in command of WIng IV
DB: SBL at the time of the split
ID: Highest rank was Colnel in INtOrg, but highest position was BUDR of BOO
IW: Commander or something...don't entirely remember
CD: Was in it at one point...didn't go far. Just helping out a friend

I think that was basically it

Sephiroth Kali

02-12-2005 13:12:36

I was a what... NOV in the EU...


02-12-2005 13:27:57

I got into IntOrg for awhile, sucked though, I felt more and more like Ast's personal SS squad member. Sucked ass in other words.

Kaine Mandaala

02-12-2005 14:42:33

Admiral in the Tie Corps, former COMM:A, CA:OPS, CA:IO.

I was working on being IO but someone decided to promote another up to the position instead of passing it to me. I had been doing the IO job for months.

This is when I concentrated on the DB. First I was a Tyro in Senryaku/Aquillas, then AED, then QUA. Aquillas was disbanded and I floated around in Tarentum, Alvaak (asked to it by Ronin) and Taldryan.

Then I was promoted to Herald by Thedek.


02-12-2005 17:03:01

Admiral and then Marshal in the Infiltrator Wing.
Moff in the Directorate.
Moff of Phare (Appointment by Ronin for service to the EH as a whole).


05-12-2005 13:18:46

Back in the TC many years ago I got all the way up to WC/LC. In the EHDB got up to KP. In Intel got up to SPC in the UBIQ, and before that TTDR. Final rank of RA in that SG.

None of that matters, though. Only this club matters. :D

Salth Khan

08-12-2005 14:55:04

Just for fun....

TC: VA/COM of the ISD Intrepid. I also worked as DJM Sarin's assistant when he was COO long ago. ;)

DB: SBM/CON, my last command position in the EH DB was CON of Clan Arcona. I went Rogue in the EH DB about two years ago after seeing first hand that the EH DB wasn't going to reclaim its former glory after the major split that took place the year before.

HF: Master Warrant Officer was the highest enlisted rank that I held, and was at one time a member of the Special Forces, and just as Astatine ordered my removal from all EH databases, was awarded the Master Stormtrooper (=MS=) certification that I'd been waiting nearly three yaers to obtain. The highest officer rank I held was Lieutenant Colonel, and was the HF's Battalion Commander until a newly appointed PRF decided that the position was no longer needed because he wanted more power over the Legion itself, and also decided to steal a number of my ideas for revamping the Legion into what it is now. I resigned and left until he was removed from his position and someone with more vision and scrupples was appointed, and then I returned. :P

DIR: VA/DGM, and was the last DGM of the old EH DIR. The new version of the EH DIR doesn't count since it doesn't resemble the original EH DIR at all, and only exists so that Astatine could try and fight the claims that he was out to destroy and disband the DIR earlier this year. It's basically led by puppets of Astatine. To add another point, the old EH DIR left the EH in April '05 and became the new Imperial Directorate (ID), which is now an official ally of the DJB. :)

But like Timbal said, none of that matters anymore, only the DJB and the Imperial Directorate matter to me now. B)


10-12-2005 09:50:53

Amen, former bossman. ;)