Tarax Kor

27-10-2005 01:24:04

Check this out. Quite interesting. (not meant as a deragatory post)



27-10-2005 08:39:45

Dude, that's crazily crazy. You can tell when children are brought up well (extreme sarcasim)



27-10-2005 10:18:32

Eh sometimes I think people should go through a license test similar to a Drivers Exam in order to have kids, just to make sure the parents wouldn't do anything like that.


27-10-2005 12:10:47

Wow, that is crazy and stupid! Who would name their kids Lamb and Lynx? A white supremist I guess, uck.

Kaine Mandaala

27-10-2005 12:48:46

Funny this made its way here. I saw it on another forum a couple weeks ago.

These two are socially retarded. Their parents need to be beaten with a stick. Racism in general is just plain stupid, as are the people who practice it.

Tarax Kor

27-10-2005 16:45:52

Kaine if I may ask, which other forum did you see it on?


29-11-2005 14:20:14

That's crazy.


02-12-2005 20:01:51

i have but one word to say..."retards"...

now more...dont you get in trouble for that now? screw free speech ;)


02-12-2005 21:04:43

Yeah. I think there laws against it here. In Canada. But Bush probably goes to their concerts, so he doesnt care.