Task Force 9


10-10-2005 09:08:31

I am the leader of a gaming clan known as Task Force 9. So far there are 6-7 members of this clan and I would like to recruit more. If you do not have Delta Force 2 then:

1. Go to Filecloud.com
2. Go to Demo's
3. Go to First Person Shooters
4. Go to Delta Force 2
5. Download

Ta duh you have it and can join my clan if you wish. B/C we are low on members you will be given a high ranking position for now. If you wish to know how good the people in our clan our 5-6 Team Deathmatches TF9 members have occupied the first 3 rankings at the end of the game. If you wish to join email me at HellsIris@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time.....



10-10-2005 13:57:38

We can join your clan with just the demo?


10-10-2005 19:15:39

Of course, why wouldn't you be able to. Matter of fact 4 members of our Clan play the demo online At Vo Tech in the morning, Check us out about 9:15 am EST. our names are like (TF9)Caboose *me* (TF9)Neo Conker (TF9) Azuld or something like that and (TF9)Raziel