Peter Jackson's new project

Tarax Kor

05-10-2005 14:12:51

An excerpt from BBC World News:

Oscar-winning film director Peter Jackson and his team will produce the forthcoming film based on popular video game Halo.

The director, who is reported to be an avid fan of Halo, will use his Weta production facilities in Wellington, New Zealand where the film will also be shot.

Alex Garland, author of popular novel The Beach, has written the script.

A director and cast are expected to be named in coming weeks.

Full story, here:

I know that the movie has been confirmed a while ago, I just thought that it'd be nice to see who'll be in the Director's chair :)


05-10-2005 20:23:50

HAHA, good ol peter, but i nearly fell over laughin when they said he was doing it in wellington :P