Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed - Opinions


19-09-2005 02:40:41

Sort of old news, a couple days at least, but incase nobody's heard, here's some information on the new Nintendo Revolution controller (along with some screenshots).

[Expletive Deleted F-word]ing wierd. It's...different, and innovative, I'll give that to Nintendo. I don't know, though. Imagine playing a fighting game with that. It'll either be insanely fun, or [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing retarded. It makes you wonder if this type of "controller" will hurt Nintendo's third party support or not, but I can't imagine it helping it. Nintendo are already in a world of trouble in that regard, and I don't see the point of something like this. It definitely is different, though.

Who knows? It might be fun as hell, but it could die out rather fast after the shock factor is reduced.


21-09-2005 11:36:52

When I first saw it, I was puzzled. Why would the Big N simplify their controller to a mere remote?

After taking a closer look, I saw the sheer genious in the design, especially after reading some tech articles on Gamespot/IGN/etc.

The modular port that it has will kick butt. Imagine all the different extensions to the controller that you can add? It'll be fairly cheap to add as well, not to mention the screen tracking and movement detection capabilities built-in. I can see LucasArts making a true lightsabre combat game with this.

On the minus side, porting games to the Rev will be a pain in the behind. That's not all that bad, considering some of the ports Nintendo has had. :)

I think it's going to do really, really well. I can see someone as non-gaming as my mother-in-law picking up the controller and getting the hang of it. It really looks intuitive.

Tarax Kor

21-09-2005 15:44:20

Eh... I dunno. Even though I'm not a console type of guy, I still prefer the traditional-esque design to the controllers on the rare occasion that I do play. This'd still just be too weird, in my tastes.

I see it this way, in the short-term it'll be great. Huge rave and all that [Expletive Deleted]. But on the long run?, I don't think the result will be all that successful. I mean, unless they're developing/coming out with like... 10 or 15 games that'd be great with that controller RIGHT AWAY along with the controller, then it might build up good momentum. Otherwise... I don't believe it'll have a long life-span.


21-09-2005 16:27:39

I don't know...I see it more as a natural progression, moving towards the "virtual reality" type of immersive gaming. It makes someone more a part of the gaming itself. Not sure how it'll play out for all types of games, but things like an FPS or Sports game should prove much more interesting/rewarding

Tarax Kor

21-09-2005 17:31:45

Heh... I love this comic. Here's its take on the controller and Nitendo Revolution's standing with the other NexGen consoles.


21-09-2005 21:05:18

That's even better =P