Metal Band Constuction


26-08-2005 17:03:50

Unlike my brother who is already an accomplished musician and in a band, I am starting my own metal band. I have written about 9 10 songs, but I am going to write about 30 of them then pick the best 15 to put on our first album. I need help witht he band name, and perfectifying the songs.

Karan Callidus Entar

26-08-2005 19:45:07

Well whats your general approach to metal? Deep thinking, energetic, gothic?


27-08-2005 17:44:05

A little of both. Kinda like a mix of Metallica, Pantera Slipknot and Alice in Chains. Well thats how the sound is anyway, the lyrics go more towards Metallica and Alice.;

Lanius Sin

28-08-2005 14:29:10

Wow. thats a lot of songs to write... i have trouble with writeing just
You shuld e-mail Revenant, he's in quite a sucessfull metal band. Maybe he can help you out wif some stuff. 8o)

Karan Callidus Entar

28-08-2005 14:30:20

Ok wats the names of some of your songs?


29-08-2005 08:41:25

i find it easiest to write the music first, then write a whole bunch of lyrics. find a set that fits the pattern of the music (you may need to make a few changes to get a perfect fit). that gives a basic song, then start thinking about structure and arrangements. any questions feel free to e-mail me ( good luck and most importantly, DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT, DO NOT QUIT!!!


29-08-2005 17:50:54

Here is one of them its called Thoughts, just remember its a rough Draft....

All these thoughts inside my head,
You ignore, you add to it,
post me dead

All these tears, Igniting Fears,
You smash, You Trash,
Unclearness never being so Clear

The thoughts that break us,
The thoughts that take us,
away from fate,
and towards the hate,

The thoughs, the tears,
our time is near,
You can only push so far,

There's only so much I can TAKE..............

The thoughts that take us,
away from fate,
and towards hate.

I know its sucks but its just a rought draft.

Kaine Mandaala

29-08-2005 18:54:33

good luck and most importantly, DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT, DO NOT QUIT!!!

And don't get kicked out of your own band like I did.

To my defense it wasn't really my fault. They hated my GF, and as they say love is blind. I dumped her soon afterwards because I finally saw why they didn't like her.

So - what I'm trying to say here is make sure you have some serious open communication in your band. If they don't like something, find out why. If you don't like something, explain it, but don't be a jerk about it. I'm sure if they had explained to me why they were unhappy with her I probably would have dumped her a good year before I did.


29-08-2005 19:07:29

Understandable, I'll take that into consideration.

Nekura Manji

30-08-2005 04:51:59

I find it easier to write the lyrics first, then entwine some music around that like a boa constrictor around a head. ^_^ The power of the metal symbolises the moment when the boa constricts and crushes the head. ^_^

But yes. And I agree with Kaine- communication is important. It's like a relationship, really... if you get anywhere with your band, you're going to be spending most of your time with them, on stage and off. So if you don't like one of the people in your band or you have a problem with them make sure to sort it out. Everything needs to be harmonious. ^_^

And Kaine, what did you play in your band?


30-08-2005 17:04:21

AHHHHHH. Tell me what you think about my song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31-08-2005 06:43:19

it's pretty good. easy to see that it's a rough draft but i have no doubt that with a lttle work it'd be kick ass. i imagine the backing track having that sorta ripsaw sounding guitar tone, the bass playing triplets, perhaps slap-bass, intermittent double kick drums and a lot of loose snare. that's only how i percieve it to sound though. let me know how you get on...


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02-09-2005 15:23:58

I find songs hard too, mostly embarresment, because i'm only a drummer really.


02-09-2005 15:26:18

Diablos is surprised Mortimus can even spell guitar.


02-09-2005 18:26:53

Please don't speak in the 3rd. Its easy for me to write songs, I havn't had the best of lives, so it comes natural.


08-09-2005 16:46:00

stop whining, we are all in deep [Expletive Deleted]!
War, poverty....Bill Gates!
besides, I thought this was metal band construction not how to write songs.
perhaps you should start one called that.

mortimus out.