Just...too damn far!

Karan Callidus Entar

12-08-2005 20:17:43


Now does anyone but me think this is going a little over the top?

Kaine Mandaala

13-08-2005 00:48:16


I even mentioned it in my report about 4 months ago. :)

Ark Dowell

13-08-2005 01:16:11

Pffft, crazy business people. Who can stand 'em?

Bajorek Sholis

15-08-2005 22:26:13

IS Yoda really that tall?


17-08-2005 08:26:26

I was ok with it until it came to the Leia Slave outfit...now I'm scarred for life.

Thanks Val...hope you like being an Acolyte :P

Drodik alTor

17-08-2005 17:11:03

there are some weird a** people out there