Halo 3 Confirmed


05-08-2005 13:30:53


Halo 3 set to release in less than a year? The third and possibly the final instalment of the legendary Halo series is coming out holiday 2006. Is this true? yes indeed it is.

Drodik alTor

17-08-2005 17:09:53

Christmas 06, that seems kinda early for a huge game like halo

Lanius Sin

18-08-2005 12:10:08

I heard they already finished makeing it. Thats planning ahead if ever i saw it.

Drodik alTor

18-08-2005 14:27:47

whenever its done i just hope they dont make the storyline bad. It wouldsuck if they just made a bad storyline that shattered the goodness of the other two (just like when bad sequels are made)


18-08-2005 19:15:33

I bet the two game were in the makings with each other like Reload and Revolution of the Matrix Trilogy.

Drodik alTor

18-08-2005 20:29:45

So was the Elder Scrolls series i think.


19-08-2005 16:49:32

Will it be on Xbox 360 or Xbox

Drodik alTor

19-08-2005 16:50:14

i think xbox 360


23-08-2005 18:53:38

it'll be on the X360


03-09-2005 09:43:20

They may...just may...release it on both, for the fans who can't afford a 360.


30-11-2005 12:02:07

sort of around the time ps3 comes out


30-11-2005 18:10:43

I've heard it will be released on PS3 as well.


02-12-2005 19:55:36

hmm...i thought the whole point of releasing it next to the ps3 was to make sure people didnt buy the ps3 and went to get halo 3...just a thought...


02-12-2005 21:01:21

Maybe. But MS could make more money selling their game on the PS3 because no one wants an Xbox360.


05-12-2005 22:44:33

true if they made the xbox a half way decent system they wouldt have that problem


06-12-2005 08:14:44

Xbox 360 IS a halfway decent system. The only glitches are occuring in the First Editions which is too be expected. Think of the first month as the test drive. Then you'll see them release another set with improvments

Salth Khan

08-12-2005 14:43:50

Indeed, if you wait until about 90 days after the initial release of any new gaming system, you'll find the bugs are generally worked out by then. HALO 3 is set for only an Xbox 360 release. Which is a bummer since I won't be ready to buy a 360 for a while and I'm eager to play it and see how the storyline turns out in the end. Of course its a sure bet that Earth wins, likewise so does the Master Chief. LOL

I worked for Xbox for nearly two years, starting before the initial launch of the original system. I can tell you that MS has never planned to allow any of its "Xbox Only" titles to be releaesd on any other gaming system, short of a PC version. Sony has the same game plan with their major titles, which is why they never allowed Rockstar to release their titles to Xbox. Its the only way they can guarantee a hold on any particular part of the gaming market.


10-12-2005 20:54:05

Not true there Wil. Remember GTA?


10-12-2005 20:57:15

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