Doom 3


20-07-2005 12:49:18

I don't get freaked out easily, but this game freaked me out within the first 10 minutes of game play.


20-07-2005 13:41:47

holy friggin cow, i know what you mean, i always told my friends that no video game will ever really scare me, but this one scared the hell out of me.


20-07-2005 13:59:19

Like when you say that guy get pulled into the ceiling then body parts fly at you. Then in that hall way covered in blood right before you go to Hell (THATS RIGHT YOU GO TO FRIGGEN HELL) The lights go out and sparks reveal creatures that appear and disappear in a mili-second. Then there's fat dudes with CHAINSAWS, and GUN TOTING ZOMBIES, along with DEMONS STRAIGHT FROM HELL, and don't even get me started on the Final Boss, that is [Expletive Deleted F-word]ed up.


20-07-2005 16:42:59

Wuss :P


20-07-2005 17:45:05

im ashamed :( the krath high priest called me a wuss...but in a way its an honor...


21-07-2005 11:27:14

Telona I got a 20 dollar bill here saying that if you were to play through the whole game you would jump at least.....10 times. Just from [Expletive Deleted] happening that you didn't expect, not to mention the gore factor. You can't criticize us on a game you never played before.


21-07-2005 16:02:39

I've played the entire game and I thought it was great. I'm waiting on the expansion pack to lower in price and then I'm gonna get that and play the game again, only this time with the lights out and the sound cranked.


21-07-2005 16:14:43

Some how I do not believe you.


22-07-2005 17:49:54

Why? Cause I'm a girl and girls are suppose to get scared? Pfft whatever. I use to watch the Freddy movies when I was 3 and never had a nightmare. Heck I watched Child's Play when I was still in that doll phase and still wasn't scared.

Doom 3 does have it's moments, the whispers, visions, things popping out at you. But all in all, at the end of the day, I'd like to have a Pinky as a pet. :P

PS: I still don't think it's scary. I never did jump. You owe me 20 bucks.


22-07-2005 20:40:36

you owe the khp 20 dollars...i envy you :P

im waiting for the ep to lower in price too...then ill get it...and kill more zombies


22-07-2005 23:24:24

Yay for zombie killing!

I just dug out Doom II and I just might (when I have time) play some of that. I like to find a level full of monsters, use the god mode cheat, grab a chainsaw, and start the blood bath. Awesome way to blow off steam.


23-07-2005 01:50:29




23-07-2005 03:27:12

Hey Tel, get doom legacy and play ya doom 2 through that. It ups the graphics (opengl how much better does it get?) adds mouse look and all of that sort of thing.


23-07-2005 09:09:26

I still dont believe you, not b/c you are a girl, I know plenty, actually all of the girls I know love horror movies, Its the fact that how awfully BUSY you always say you are with work and the DB, when do you have time to sit down and play Doom 3? If you did then you lied or over exageratted how "Busy" you were. Though I still don't believe you played it.


23-07-2005 13:24:45

the khp is either at this time goin to eat you or demote you :P


23-07-2005 17:25:09

She's going to do something much worse.


25-07-2005 17:09:15

I don't have time RIGHT THIS SECOND to play the game but I've had the game and PLAYED IT well before I was KHP and before I was busy with RL. The fact that I haven't picked up the game in a few months doesn't mean I don't have it, just means I'm not playing it right now.
Shoot I didn't even get the game until after I upgraded my video card. The game came with the GForce 6800 GT card I saved up for. *gives love to the card*
Why is it so hard for you to understand this? I finished the game, loved it, and then I put it down for another game. Doom III has been out since like what Christmas? I had it done well before you came to the DB Jaymz so get over yourself. :P

Oh Windos: I might just pick that one up once I go hunting around for it. Definately make my life easier having the game on a CD instead of a bunch of disks.


26-07-2005 12:01:48

Didn't really know when Doom 3 came out I was just looking through the Rental section and saw it, but whatever.


26-07-2005 17:54:09

Ah I was wrong. Doom 3 was released to the PC August 3rd of last year and then to the XBox April 3rd of this year. I'd have to look at old credit card statements to know exactly when I finally got the game. It must have been around Christmas time then...

Ok off subject here. I want a new Duke Nukem!!


26-07-2005 19:40:27

I've wanted a new Duke Nukem since Duke 3D came out...which was quite awhile ago :P I think a new one will be made (a real FPS, not the side-scrolling version) when they make a new Tie Fighter :P


27-07-2005 09:30:24

Eh all the Duke Nukem's have been corny beyond belief
" Time to kick ass or chew bubble gum, and I am all out of gum." its like they combined Kurt Russel with Clint Eastwood. "I'm the good and the bad, your just ugly" So god damn corny


27-07-2005 17:53:02

That's what was great about the Duke games. They were corny, had strippers you could throw money at, and some kickin weapons.


27-07-2005 18:28:27


It didn't take itself seriously, and at the time, had some great levels too. Very creative. I loved that game


03-08-2005 13:55:00



03-08-2005 21:25:39

No the graphics were about the same with everything else that was out at that time. Got to remember how old that particular game is. It looks like crap now but back then it was great.


04-08-2005 00:06:22

Even then, it was slightly better than other FPS' as well, and the levels were larger than normal. I'd still play that game today if my cd's weren't cracked


06-08-2005 14:38:57

You know they are coming out with a Doom movie. Not to get off of subject here or anything.

Ceric Crimson

26-09-2005 20:25:32

Yeah. The movie has some pretty weird looking camera views. I mean, it looks like your playing a first person shooter....wonder how much of the movie will be like that?

Definatly worth checking out though.

PS: Ups to Duke the Nuke!!

Lanius Sin

27-09-2005 08:08:39

theres been talk of a new Duke Nuke game for a while. i heard the name Duke Nukem Forever being banded abbout.

PS: the doom movie looks good. MORE GUNS!!! Oh and the BFG!!!


27-09-2005 18:31:16

It will be interesting to see if they put in some cyberdemons along with the imps. I did see a pinky :)


04-10-2005 08:40:01

Can't wait to see the Doom movie. Looks sweet.

Ylith Pandemonium

24-10-2005 15:56:37

Doom 3....scary....gore...? sheesh you pussy's :P

never scared me one time :P

it was funny really


24-10-2005 21:26:18

It didn't get very good reviews. I'm wondering if I should just wait until it goes into the cheap theaters.


25-10-2005 08:27:33

You should never trust the critics. I personally saw the movie and I loved it, every bit as gorey and psychotic as the game. I would recommend you to go see it.