H.P. and the Half-Blood Prince[Possible Spoilers!]


18-07-2005 19:58:45

I have to say that I did love this book, despite it being the darkest in the series yet. Rowling has really taken a very mature angle in "Half-Blood Prince," which was surprising. It did make for a very interesting book, and the characters have really begun to show their age.

Of course, this book was also the most sad one I've read; I actually cried at the end.

Anyway, feel free to discuss the book!

Ark Dowell

18-07-2005 20:36:00

Ermm... has the book already come out? I didn't realize.


18-07-2005 21:52:10

I'm going to have to disagree with it being darker. Certainly, the ending to this was much more tragic, but it didn't have that same level of black drama that The Order of the Phoenix had - mostly because it was already expected.

Otherwise, I loved it. And I have a feeling, from having read it three times already, that not everything is as it seems. After all, the "Half Blood Prince" was not in a favorable spot when he did what he did.

I have a suspicion as to whom "R.A.B." is, though...


18-07-2005 22:58:26

who is it, i thought it was dumbledores brother you know?

but anyway, i was sad that [bla] died, but what is meant by the locket? i dont fully understand that.

why did he have to die?

and i have a theory:

[bla] killed [bla] on [bla]'s orders. he did it because [bla] told him to, because [bla] needs to find the other pieces of [bla]s soul himself wihtout [bla].btw, its just my theory, prolly not true...harry is such a playa, he goes out with ginny then says he cant go out with her because "voldermort will hurt those closest to me"

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18-07-2005 23:11:31

Well...we know of someone who already has R.B. as initials who is dead...who even wanted to betray the Dark Lord...Regulus Black...Sirius' brother.


19-07-2005 10:51:22

hmmm...a good idea...but you know when harry and dumbledore went to find the horucrux(or however you spell it) dumbledore seemed like he was getting tortured when he was drinking the potion, though it was a clever trick of voldermort to put make them have to drink the water thus disturbing the dead dudes...

sorry if any of that was spoilers, but you can pretty much guess that stuff...

but now harry's a bad-arse cuase he wants to whoop voldie's arse


08-09-2005 16:24:48

absolutely [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing hilarious.
pissed my self laughing. potter spoiler!!!
NO! you bitch!

mortimus out.


08-09-2005 16:28:23

Harry is a true playa!


08-09-2005 16:43:23

yes, cho chang isn't easy.

mortimus out.