The Dalek song


08-07-2005 15:25:22



08-07-2005 16:28:25

That was...odd...


08-07-2005 17:22:24

It'll make (a bit) more sense to Brits who've actually seen the series :P

Apparently US TV wouldn't buy it because it was 'too British'.... despite it trashing the ratings over here.


09-07-2005 10:59:02



10-07-2005 02:15:42

I'm sure it would make more sense if I could get the show. I don't know though, armies of robots, few humans to defeat them, sounds a lot like the things we have over here already.

Oh well, America is in the grips of reality tv and every spin off imaginable. All I want is a good tv show to watch!


10-07-2005 13:06:00

There was an episode of Dr Who where he got stuck inside a reality TV show... :lol:

Kaine Mandaala

10-07-2005 17:23:40

Funny stuff, though I never did get into Dr. Who.

I'm more of a Monty Python's Flying Circus person. Also Mejas used to make fun of me for liking "Are You Being Served?". I used to watch it all the time when I only had three or four TV stations, one of them being PBS, which always broadcasts stuff from BBC. I have one of the two box sets too.


13-07-2005 06:38:24

Oh my god. That was hilarious. And Alanna, the fact that US networks are too stupid to broadcast Dr. Who irritates me to no end. My solution. Bittorrent. I'm so thrilled, I nearly hurt myself. :P

On a side note, I really wish they could have still Sylvester McCoy, because he was the [Expletive Deleted]. However, he was shot by an Asian street gang in that very so so TV movie they tried to do a few years back. And Ace was badass. Chicks with explosives rule. :P



18-07-2005 23:06:38


well that was...(for lack of better term) different....

Karan Callidus Entar

01-08-2005 21:31:27

Oh that was brilliant! One of the funniest songs ive heard in a long time!

Personally I loved the new series, I didnt think Christopher Eccleston could play the Doctor well but I was proved wrong. Bring on the next series!