Rescue Me


21-06-2005 12:24:00

Rescue has got to be my all time favorite show. I taped the entire first season because 1) Denis Leary KICKS ASS 2) I love Firefighters. I can't wait to see the season premiere tonight on FOX. Hope you watch : P


21-06-2005 19:20:03

Damn straight, my friend.


22-06-2005 12:55:13

That episode kinda pissed me off. Mostly b/c Tommy wasn't back in his house, which sucks cause I have grown to love the guys in that house.


05-07-2005 14:07:29

Yes, Rescue Me is awesome :D


05-07-2005 17:37:52

So far, two episodes in and he has been standing true to his quitting of drinking. Third episode tonight! Everyone go watch.


07-07-2005 16:57:51

3rd Episode Review:

Baby Died

Tommy back in old firehouse

Proby got a gun

Sully is gay


07-07-2005 18:13:39

Do you know how hard I laughed when they pulled the wig off of Sully? I literally choked on my drink.


08-07-2005 10:55:26

That was pretty funny. Sadly i didn't get to see the previews for the next episode so it'll be a complete suprise to me whatever happens.


08-07-2005 13:29:50

Actually, I saw the previews, but forget them now. lol


18-07-2005 08:12:36

I watched it, but right now I am way too tired from playing Doom 3 to remember