My Intro


08-04-2007 12:02:48

Hello everyone, I wanted to drop a post to introduce myself on the boards since I am pretty new to Clan Arcona, House Oriens Obscurum and the DB as a whole! So here is a little info about me, the games I play, and what parts of DB I've found to be really interesting so far.

About me (character):
Kaldar is a male Chiss, born 2BBY into a middle class family. He later went on to join the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Fleet and later the Empire of the Hand before finding his way to the Dark Brotherhood. There is a much longer verion in my history hehe.

(real life):
I'm 25 years old (26 later this month), married, and live in the Tennesee. I'm in the Army, which tends to take up large amounts of my time every now and then. I enjoy watching Ice Hockey, playing most video games (when my wife lets me :P) , and mowing my lawn on the weekends (not really).

I've been playing MMORPGs for a long time, my current poison is World of Warcraft. I tried out SWG when it was first released, but it couldn't hold my attention. I've heard there were alot of changes to it, and it just so happens I have a 14 day free pass... so I may have to try that out sometime in the future. I've also been playing some Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. I'm not too skilled when it comes to the FPS games, but I'm working on it. I should be ready to get my butt kicked in some multiplayer matches in a week or two hehe.

I'm looking forward to writing some in the ACC. I've just got my character sheet approved and will probably do some trial matches and hopefully my qualification match later this week. I guess that is about all for now, I'll hop on mIRC sometime in the next few days so I can chat with some of you there.



09-04-2007 02:18:46

hi there :)

welcome aboard!
nice to have you here in HOO :D